PGA punishes 17 pro-golfers for participating in Saudi-backed LIV league, puts others on notice

Decrying “money, money, and more money,” the Professional Golfers Association of America has suspended or otherwise revoked eligibility from 17 golfers, including stars Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, […]

‘Men, meet your responsibilities’: Ron DeSantis fearlessly takes on fatherlessness behind societal decline

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the issue of fatherlessness in America, proclaiming that it was behind many of the nation’s problems and admonishing men to meet their […]

Dems push ‘ludicrous’ electric vehicle tax credits in attempt to resurrect Biden’s broken Build Back Better agenda

Following the implosion of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better economic agenda, Democrats are now seeking to resurrect it by pushing the unworkable idea of electric vehicle […]

Man whose wife was murdered by illegal immigrant slams sanctuary laws: Magnet for migrants who don’t want to work

(Video: Fox News) A man whose wife was allegedly murdered in New Mexico about three years ago by an illegal alien is understandably taking a dim view […]

Double whammy: Numerous products show increase in ‘shrinkflation’ as inflation grows under Biden economy

(Video Credit: Associated Press) As Americans suffer under the burden of staggering inflation, retailers are reportedly engaging in “shrinkflation” by reducing the size of products to dishonestly […]

GOP gubernatorial candidate arrested hours after Biden quipped about sending political opponents ‘to jail’

Following President Joe Biden seemingly calling for the imprisonment of political opponents who don’t follow his rules, the FBI raided the home of GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan […]

Republican-backed bill pushes unused COVID money go to securing schools

(Source: Fox Business) Amidst the demands to enact so-called common-sense gun regulations, eight Republican lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that is actually an example of common sense. […]

GOP slams Dems for using traumatized Uvalde child in hearing, ignoring commonsense ‘hardening’ of schools

(Video Credit: Andy Biggs) Republicans were ridiculed by the left and the media for urging that teachers and guards be armed, that school structures be hardened, and […]

Judges rule GEICO pay MILLIONS to woman who was ‘injured’ with STD after having sex in car

You win some, you lose some. A Missouri woman learned this lesson the hard way, after claiming she got a sexually-transmitted disease from her ex-boyfriend after they […]

Why Tampax blames Amy Schumer for shortage of tampons

It’s probably not something you want to hear on a Thursday morning, but Procter & Gamble is blaming Amy Schumer for the national tampon shortage. Didn’t know […]

‘Jesus!’ disgraced Dem ex-senator Al Franken melts down over Steve Scalise remarks on anti-gun hysteria

(Video: CNN) Democrats and their media mouthpieces are in the midst of a major offensive against the Second Amendment in the aftermath of the deadly shooting at […]

Tucker sees ultimate irony in Biden questioning legitimacy of upcoming elections on eve of Jan 6 circus act

(Video: Fox News) During the opening segment of his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson posed some interesting questions on the eve of Thursday’s yawner of a primetime […]

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