Dem Rep. Speier, a Jonestown survivor, likens Trump to Jim Jones: Social media ‘only difference’

A far-left California congresswoman claims that equivalency exists between President Donald Trump and deranged cult leader Jim Jones. “Both of them are merchants of deceit,” U.S. Rep. […]

‘Woke’ US women’s soccer team bumped from Olympic gold medal round, Rapinoe disses Canadian victors

Get woke, get ‘lost’? In a semifinal matchup, Canada has defeated the U.S. women’s Olympic soccer team by a score of 1-0, in a game decided by […]

Poll: Faith in gun control laws slipping as violent crime surges in California

Could voters in progressive California be losing confidence in gun control as an all-purpose solution to crime? Maybe so. A new online poll co-sponsored by the University […]

Media reports on poll workers facing threats lays ground work for universal mail-in voting

In what common sense suggests might be a planted, agenda-driven story, a supposed impending shortage of election officials is on the horizon because of alleged threats of […]

‘Who are you?’ Alex Vindman’s sad appeal to get ‘word out’ on his new book blows up in his face

Alexander Vindman is trying to hawk a book, but he’s concerned that “New Yorkers,” as if they’re the only ones, are indifferent. Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. […]

Rep. Nancy Mace cleverly gets fleeing TX Dem to recognize ID necessity in daily life

During a congressional hearing on voting rights, U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) got a Texas Democrat to acknowledge that adults need a government-issued photo ID to operate […]

Running on empty: Residents in Dem-run Oregon given tutorial on how to pump their own gas

Oregon is one of only two U.S. states that prohibit pumping your own gas at a service station. Thus, a Portland-based news outlet has concluded that state […]

‘Day in, day out’: Border Patrol union leader says ‘actual’ Covid-positive migrants being released into US

The U.S. Border Patrol is reportedly dealing with two simultaneous surges in the Rio Grande Valley: illegal immigration and COVID-19. In that context, Border Patrol union officials […]

Facebook joins Google, Netflix in requiring all US workers to be vaccinated

Anyone who works for one of the big Silicon Valley media companies should expect to have to get the COVID-19 jab as a condition for returning to […]

Michigan Dem lawmaker who called ‘Big Gretch’ his ‘homie’ reports $221 campaign spending at strip club

The Michigan state lawmaker who tried to play the governor card, if not politician privilege, when he was arrested for alleged drunk driving in April has included […]

Irate Geraldo fights with The Five hosts after Gutfeld questions his intent: ‘… I’ll kick you in the ass!’

Anyone with an invite to Geraldo Rivera’s home or anywhere near it better get vaccinated — or else. Would-be tough guy Rivera, who is sitting in the […]

Politico reports Democrats are ‘scared’ over critical race pushback

Despite establishment Democrats’ efforts to brand aversion to critical race theory as merely the work of hyperbolic so-called right-wing activists, a broad range of parents from all […]

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