Israel, middle east countries crafting deal to build regional defense network: Report

Micaela Burrow, DCNF Israel is in consultations with Middle Eastern countries to install Israeli-made defense systems on their territory, Breaking Defense reported Wednesday. Several countries, including Saudi […]

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Eco activists sue to stop US oil and gas lease sales

Max Keating, DCNF Environmental groups sued the Interior Department Tuesday to challenge the first oil and gas lease sale on public lands during the Biden administration. A […]

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow replacement baffles insiders: ‘Like fishing in the gutter’

With MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow only doing one show a week, MSNBC has been scrambling for a replacement to handle the other four days, inexplicably settling on […]

Exclusive: Guatemalan president says Biden‘s ‘confusing’ border messaging is encouraging smugglers to exploit children

Jennie Taer, DCNF Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei spoke one-on-one with The Daily Caller News Foundation about his concerns with the Biden administration’s messaging on immigration and the […]

Democratic rep cast most of his votes by ‘proxy’ while spending tens of thousands on travel and events

Gabe Kaminsky, DCNF  Democratic Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush has mostly voted by proxy over the last two years but spent thousands in travel and event expenses on […]

‘When vindictive leftists get in charge’: VA suspends benefits for Jan. 6 prisoner held in DC gulag

The DOJ has spitefully instructed the Department of Veterans Affairs to allegedly suspend all benefits going to a Jan. 6 detainee named Kenneth Harrelson, who has had […]

FL judge temporarily blocks state’s 15-week abortion ban, DeSantis fights back

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the battle over the rights of the unborn has moved to the states as the determined left […]

Catholic church closes out Pride month with a ‘Service of Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community’

On Thursday night, to commemorate the final night of Pride month, a Kentucky Catholic church held a “Service of Atonement and Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community,” led […]

Dem strategist says Americans should be ‘panic-stricken’ Supreme Court agreed to hear elections case: ‘That’s dictatorship! That’s madness!’

Paul Begala, onetime political advisor to Bill Clinton, is warning CNN’s audience that it should be “panic-stricken” over the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the Harper v. […]

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Rolling Stone headline gets bats**t award: ‘Supreme Court rules 6-3 that the planet should burn’

If you thought overturning Roe v. Wade would trigger liberals, the Supreme Court’s final ruling of the term that curbs the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency […]

‘This is about the future of the liberal world order’: Biden ‘articulates stakes,’ top official confirms

(Video: CNN) The days of cheap gasoline aren’t coming back in the near future and Americans need to brace themselves for an extended period of pain as […]

Media starts a rumor that Justice Thomas ‘suggests’ COVID vax made with aborted children

The media engaged in clickbait while falsely accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of suggesting in a dissenting opinion that COVID vaccines are made with aborted fetuses. The allegation […]

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