Leftists meltdown over Trump’s mention of the ‘late, great Hannibal Lecter’

Leftists just don’t get former President Donald Trump and his latest “bizarre” mention of fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter sent media talking heads into a meltdown. Another […]

Longtime Clinton advisor shreds Joe’s campaign: ‘Biden is doing it all wrong’

President Biden is “failing to connect on the basic issues of inflation, immigration and energy.” That’s not the opinion of a Trump supporter. That comes from Mark […]

MSNBC works overtime trying to sell RFK Jr. as a ‘MAGA-crazy Republican’

MSNBC analyst David Jolly has a weird definition of a “MAGA-crazy Republican.” According to Jolly, it can include a lifelong Democrat-turned-Independent who celebrates such things as a […]

INSIDER: Justice Alito warns ‘troubled waters’ are slamming against ‘our most fundamental principles’

Support for freedom of speech is “declining dangerously” on America’s college campuses, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito warned Catholic graduates in Ohio. Alito ivered on Saturday a […]

Hamas quick to take advantage of Biden’s betrayal, renews rocket attacks on Israel

After President Biden threatened to withhold offensive weapons from Israel unless they called off their attack on Rafah, Hamas wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. “Hamas […]

Dem senator threatens NEW investigation of Donald Trump involving Big Oil

The Democrats intend to investigate former President Donald Trump to death, and they aren’t waiting for him to win the White House again to do it. The […]

Clarence Thomas: DC a ‘hideous place’ where ‘people pride themselves in being awful’

Washington D.C. is a “hideous” place where people “pride themselves” in doing “awful” things, simply because they can, according to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Speaking Friday […]

‘Nancy Pelosi did not like what I had to say’: Winston Marshall shreds ‘elite’ Dem – to her face

Winston Marshall, once the lead guitarist for British folk rock band Mumford & Sons, shredded former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a recent Oxford Union debate, branding […]

CBS learns the hard way Americans STILL don’t want to eat bugs: ‘Shove them up your a**!’

When “trillions of cicadas” emerge at once, don’t get grumpy. Get hungry. It’s the message CBS News attempted to push on social media because getting Americans to […]

CNN political data reporter delivers more bad news for Biden: ‘These are people who voted for him!’

With the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists still raging, the polling news for President Joe Biden isn’t good. CNN political data reporter Harry Enten detailed on […]

‘The View’ ladies rumble after co-host talks ‘credibility issues’ of anti-Trump witnesses

Alyssa Farah Griffin sparked a spat on ABC’s “The View” on Friday after she stated the hush money witnesses against former President Donald Trump have “credibility issues.” […]

Live apprehensions, high-speed chase, and border agent truth bombs mark must-see NewsNation special: ‘No one is coming to protect you’

“No one is coming to protect you.” These are the chilling words of a U.S. border agent who spe exclusively with NewsNation during “Crisis on the Border […]

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