Finger-wagging Maxine Waters rages as she rallies protesters in DC: ‘To hell with the Supreme Court!’

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters may be 83 years old, but when it comes to inciting violence, she’s as spry as a hate-filled chicken in spring. It […]

Texas and Missouri first states to END abortion following historic SCOTUS ruling: ‘Monumental day’

It’s official: Just hours after the Supreme Court issued its explosive decision to overturn its 1973 decision on Roe v. Wade, Missouri and Texas have effectively banned […]

Justice Thomas does not hold back in concurring opinion to overturning Roe v Wade, leftists sure to explode

If the Supreme Court’s historic decision to reverse Roe v. Wade is enough for activists to promise a “night of rage,” one must wonder what they’ll do […]

Judge asks DOJ to explain why Mark Meadows was allowed to snub Jan 6 subpoena

In a move that may lead to an explanation from the Department of Justice (DOJ) on why former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows wasn’t prosecuted […]

White staff can’t roll eyes at black boss: Eye-rolling is now latest racist sign of ‘white supremacy’

If it sometimes seems as though people are making things up to be triggered by, it’s probably because people are making up things to be triggered by, […]

Dershowitz asks why ‘states can’t regulate guns’ but can ban abortions, Twitter helps him out

In a progressive rant unworthy of the man who managed to get Claus von Bülow off the hook, famed Constitutional and criminal law professor Alan Dershowitz asked […]

Actor deletes embarrassing ‘for whites only’ tweet on 2nd Amendment Supreme Court decision

Actor Ron Perlman has posted a lot of dumb things on social media, but the now-deleted, stunningly racist tweet he sent following the historic 6-3 Supreme Court […]

Unreal! Biden admin’s reported plan to offset gas costs stymied by another self-created crisis

In a desperate attempt to placate voters frustrated by soaring gas prices, the White House has reportedly looked again at a discarded plan for the government to […]

Charles Payne torches Biden for ‘deliberately’ crashing economy, wrecking ‘the lives of average Americans’

(Video: Fox News) Fox Business host Charles Payne accused President Biden of “deliberately” destroying the nation’s economy and waging war against American businesses in order to “fundamentally […]

‘Please forgive me if I’m intruding’: CNN features letter from Prince William that perpetuates debunked Jan 6 lie

(Video: CNN) As if the circus surrounding Jan. 6 hasn’t already reached hair-pulling levels, a letter from Prince William to Sandra Garza, the girlfriend of Officer Brian […]

‘Very Catholic’ Pelosi complains it’s ‘uniquely American’ to politicize abortion after communion ban

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been very outspoken in her pro-abortion beliefs, so when San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone banned the liberal Democrat from receiving the Holy […]

Gutfeld and Watters butt heads in passionate clash over drug legalization

(Video: Fox News) Greg Gutfeld got into it with Jesse Watters on Thursday, as the two Fox News hosts presented opposite sides of the drug legalization argument. […]

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