BPR is looking for weekend freelance writers

FREELANCE WRITERS WANTED – BizPacReview.com, a conservative online publishing company offering daily news and commentary to readers worldwide, is seeking talented freelance writers to report on trending […]

‘Fair Questions with Matt Bailey’ with Gov. Bob McDonnell

Matt Bailey takes a hard look at cancel culture and its effects on the latest episode of “Fair Questions with Matt Bailey.” Kicking off the show was […]

‘Wine About It’ with Erin Elmore

The premiere episode of “Wine About It” debuts on BizPac Review with chilled wine and thought-provoking discussion on some of the latest hot topics. Host Erin Elmore […]

Tommy’s Garage

The news can be incredibly frustrating, and sometimes, you just need a good laugh. Thankfully, host Tom Adkins loves to poke fun at the disastrous decision-making of […]

Fair Questions with Matt Bailey

Did Fox News’s election coverage leave a bad taste in your mouth? We understand. Matt Bailey is the perfect replacement for those who miss watching though-provoking, hard-hitting […]

Live From The Internet
Live From The Internet with Melanie Bennett

Catch Melanie every Monday – Friday as she delivers scathing, sharp takes on the day’s biggest headlines. She”ll deliver critiques and commentary on all that the Biden […]

BPR Briefing
BPR Briefing with Will Ricciardella

Supplement your workweek news consumption with Will Ricciardella. If you’re a fan of podcasts, then Will’s straightforward, no-bullshit approach to the news is perfect for you. He […]