‘There is no accountability’: Cop faults local DA in Democrat-run NC town for 200% surge in break-ins

The leftist utopia of Asheville — North Carolina’s version of Portland, Oregon — has predictably turned into a criminal paradise. Surprise, surprise. “According to the Asheville Police […]

‘We’re ready to crush Dems’: Fla. GOP says only 17K of 1 million new residents registered as Democrat

Christian Ziegler, the vice chair of the Republican Party of Florida, says his party is “obliterating” the Democrats in the Sunshine State, thanks to the one million […]

GOP congresswoman to boycott Biden SOTU address: ‘I will not show up and listen to him continue to lie’

Illinois Rep. Mary Miller, a Republican, plans to boycott President Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address as per his incessant, shameless lies. “I will not […]

James Clyburn family members’ campaign cash haul tops six figures during 2022 cycle, filings show

According to Federal Election Commission filings, South Carolina Democratic Rep James Clyburn blessed two of his family members with six figures worth of campaign dollars during the […]

Mayor Adams slammed for ‘photo op’ after spending cold night in NYC emergency migrant shelter

In an “off-the-bos” surprise visit, New York City Mayor Eric Adams did his best to silence criticism he’s received over the accommodations at Brolyn’s new emergency migrant […]

Manhunt underway after off-duty NYPD officer shot in the head during apparent robbery

A manhunt is reportedly underway in Brolyn after an off-duty officer was shot in the head during a social media sale turned robbery leaving him fighting for […]

Trump says Chinese spy balloons ‘NEVER’ flew on his watch; former DNI chief Richard Grenell agrees

As President Joe Biden’s administration and corporate media lackeys attempt to gaslight the American public into accepting the Chinese spy balloons flying over the nation are no […]

Wild airport brawl ensues when Spirit hits travelers with extra fees for oversized carry-on baggage

A mother-daughter duo unsatisfied with an extra fee ahead of their flight let gate attendants know about it as fists and wigs flew Monday night in Philaphia. […]

Blistering threat exposes ‘grifter’ Rick Wilson’s real game: ‘DeSantis is his next target’

Few political operatives have been as consistently loathsome for as long as Rick Wilson, one of the co-founders of the disgraced grifting operation The Lincoln Project as […]

Biden admits ‘people looked at me like I was nuts’ as he slams ‘extreme’ MAGA Republicans: ‘They’re nuts!’

President Joe Biden returned to a favorite tactic during a rabble-rousing speech to Democratic party loyalists in Philaphia, assailing America first Republicans in the House of Representatives […]

Florida Dems defend sexually perverted drag shows for kids: ‘just folx dancing in cute outfits’

Sunshine State Democrats wailed in outrage after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed that he’s dead serious about severe consequences for those who enable scantily clad performers at […]

‘Older woman’ who Prince Harry said snatched his virginity speaks, says she was 19 at time of romp

A 40-year-old woman has come forth claiming she to Prince Harry’s virginity two decades ago in the summer of 2001. But before you excoriate Sasha Walpole for […]

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