Team DeSantis hits back at White House spox for false smears

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign responded to another White House smear, this time over the Sunshine State’s new parental rights law protecting young children from being exposed […]

FL judge temporarily blocks state’s 15-week abortion ban, DeSantis fights back

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the battle over the rights of the unborn has moved to the states as the determined left […]

‘This is about the future of the liberal world order’: Biden ‘articulates stakes,’ top official confirms

(Video: CNN) The days of cheap gasoline aren’t coming back in the near future and Americans need to brace themselves for an extended period of pain as […]

Number cruncher Nate Silver releases first 2022 midterm forecast and it’s worse than Dems thought

In just over four months, voters will get their first chance to render a nationwide verdict on President Joe Biden as well as ruinous Democrat one-party rule […]

TX Republicans react to ‘devastating’ SCOTUS decision ending ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, vow to continue fighting

(Video: Fox News) What has been an epic week for conservatives at the Supreme Court ended on a downer when the justices declined to prevent the Biden […]

J6 committee Dem dismisses, belittles Secret Service agents who dispute star ‘witness’ testimony

(Video: MSNBC) The select committee on the events of January 6, 2021 was already plagued by disinterest and perceptions of illegitimacy before star witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s account […]

Jane Fonda’s tweet about guns and ‘vaginas’ generates screaming laughter, endless entertainment

Far-left actress and political activist Jane Fonda was flogged on Twitter after she offered up her own unique take on the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on abortion […]

House Dem hatches crazy conspiracy theory, claims Trump started plotting J6 ‘insurrection’ in 2016

(Video: MSNBC) The Democrat obsession with former President Donald J. Trump has served as the basis for years of wild conspiracy theories from party politicians, their media […]

House Dem doesn’t want any help from toxic Biden in critical swing state race

(Video: Fox News) With an electoral bloodbath in this year’s critical midterm elections only months away, some congressional Democrats are placing a higher priority on their own […]

W. Hollywood city council votes to cut cops in LA amid insane soaring crime rate. What?!

The trendy city of West Hollywood voted to cut funding to law enforcement, a move that comes at a time when crime in the greater Los Angeles […]

Star ‘witness’ and her sensational tales about Trump on J6, set off fireworks on Twitter

The advance hype was off the charts for the latest installment of the Nancy Pelosi-Liz Cheney January 6 extravaganza which convened a previously unscheduled hearing at which […]

Trump’s side of the story: Fmr. president has plenty to say about ‘witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson

Former President Donald J. Trump reacted to the latest installment of his trial in absentia, shooting down the testimony of former Mark Meadows staffer Cassidy Hutchinson whose […]

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