Haters salivate over creepy deepfake images of Trump being arrested

It remains to be seen whether the walls have finally closed in around former President Donald J. Trump but a creepy collection of deepfake images have been […]

Florida NAACP calls for travel advisory, claims Black people’s rights are being rolled back in the Sunshine State

The Florida chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has called for a travel advisory to the Sunshine State, claiming that the […]

Trump comes out swinging over DeSantis interview, claims Florida does not measure up to other states

Former President Donald J. Trump reacted to remarks made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during an interview with Piers Morgan, a chat where the ascending conservative star […]

Trump touts new piece of ‘totally exculpatory’ evidence and it appears to be a game-changer

In a stunning new development in the case against former President Donald J. Trump, a new piece of evidence could throw a wrench into efforts by vindictive […]

Shock jock Howard Stern mocks MSNBC Trump fixation: ‘They were going f-ing berserk’

Democrat propaganda organ MSNBC may be the top choice of resistance dead-enders loing for their daily fix of pure, undistilled fear, loathing and conspiracy theories but their […]

Frightening video shows unhinged Black man hurling racist abuse at White family with toddler

In yet another example of the increasingly menacing climate of anti-white racism that now exists in America, a video of a black thug verbally menacing a young […]

Bragg could back down on indicting Trump, sources say

The legal fate of former President Donald J. Trump remains in limbo as a New York grand jury will again convene on Wednesday and there is a […]

Lock him up! Rand Paul calls for Manhattan DA to be jailed if Trump is indicted

Now that the unprecedented indictment of a former United States president appears to be imminent with Donald J. Trump about to be charged by a New York […]

African WH reporter hits back after getting berated by shrieking harpies of ‘The View’

On the day after Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba ed it up with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a contentious exchange in a Monday […]

DeSantis criticizes Trump’s leadership style, sparking fireworks, response from Don Jr.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken the high road by declining to respond to the vicious attacks by former President Donald J. Trump and MAGA influencers but […]

Tucker explains incident that caused rift between him and Trump in exclusive radio interview

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s unflattering remarks about former President Donald J. Trump drew heads after the content of private texts was exploited by media competitors to […]

Tucker says Fox News isn’t preventing him from airing more J6 footage, explains everything on ‘Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson whacked the establishment hornet’s nest when he aired previously unseen footage of the January 6, 2021 protests at the United States Capitol, […]

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