California families come out by the thousands against Gov Newsom’s school vaccine mandate

Thousands of Californians took to the streets on Monday to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide mandate that all kids must be vaccinated in order to attend schools, […]

‘Irrelevant part of our country’: House Dem trashes entire state of West Virginia over Manchin fury

The ugliness directed at Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia by the progressive left is building as he remains a major obstacle to the Biden administration’s radical […]

Christopher Steele defends discredited ‘get-Trump’ dossier to ABC: I think pee tape probably does exist

The lurid allegations from former British spy Christopher Steele about former President Donald J. Trump which served as the basis for the witch hunt that consumed the […]

Blue-check enviro-activist dragged after suggesting Joe Manchin will bring about ‘climate destruction’

Senator Joe Manchin remains an obstacle to President Joe Biden’s ambitious plans to do away with traditional energy sources in favor of the less reliable “sustainable” options, […]

Delta Airlines CEO foregoes ‘divisiveness’ of COVID vaccine mandate, but alternative tactic lacks flavor

With the Biden administration putting the finishing touches on its punitive order to force businesses with over 100 employees to get jabbed or get lost, one of […]

Psaki dances around questions on Biden physical exam: ‘I don’t have an update for you, but will soon’

President Joe Biden is expected to pay a visit to the doctor where he will be subjected to a physical examination in the near future, although no […]

D.C. mayor defies ‘woke’ mob to defend Chappelle, calls him ‘friend’ and ‘genius’ artist

Cries demanding the cancelation of Dave Chappelle have reached a deafening pitch following the comedian’s unforgivable blasphemy of speaking ill of transgenders, but he has received support […]

Sanders channels Pelosi, blasts media for ‘exceptionally poor job’ educating public on spending bill

Tempers are boiling over as the $3.5 trillion spending package that Democrats aim to use in order to radically overhaul America remains stalled, and some are lashing […]

‘Waitress sandwich’ off the menu? Biden vouches for fmr senator’s character despite allegations

President Joe Biden traveled to New England on Friday where he paid tribute to former Senator Chris Dodd, a longtime colleague during his decades spent in U.S. […]

Psaki makes WH chief of staff’s tone deaf let them eat cake retweet worse

The perfect storm of skyrocketing prices and barren shelves as a result of the collapse of the supply chain threatens to derail the radical agenda of the […]

Pete Buttigieg’s whereabouts for last two months, as shelves empty, is revealed and it angers Americans

With crisis after crisis piling up like shipping containers in backlogged ports, the Biden administration has faced questions over the whereabouts of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who […]

Psaki’s spinful answer suggests people are too dumb to notice how much more things cost now

The national catastrophe that is the Biden administration is hitting Americans in the pocketbook with prices skyrocketing and no end in sight as the holiday season approaches […]