NBA star benched for refusing vax becomes symbol: ‘Kyrie just sacrificed more than Kaepernick ever did!’

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving who has declined to be vaccinated and as a result was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets until he changes his mind, has become […]

Rolling Stones pull iconic song ‘Brown Sugar’ from setlist; band torn by own woke move

The Rolling Stones hit the road for their first shows following the death of Charlie Watts but their longtime drummer isn’t the only thing missing from the […]

Rock legend Eric Clapton enrages leftists with donation to band’s ‘pro-freedom’ tour against vax mandates

Iconic rocker Eric Clapton has rattled cages for daring to speak out against the authoritarianism that governments have embraced in the COVID era and continues to do […]

Gruden out as Raiders coach over years-old emails slamming Goodell, Biden as ‘nervous clueless p***y‘

Jon Gruden has become the latest victim of the cancel culture mob, resigning on Monday night after the New York Times just published old emails containing vulgar […]

Allen West’s COVID hospitalization made him even ‘more dedicated’ to fight vax mandates. Here’s why.

Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West who is currently recovering from COVID said that his hospitalization for the virus hasn’t changed his mind about vaccine mandates and […]

‘Eat it!’: Chip Roy tells Southwest airlines to shove their nonsense and expect to return bailout funds

Thousands of air travelers were left stranded over the weekend after a wave of flight cancellations by Southwest Airlines, one of the nation’s largest carriers that has […]

‘Breaking Bad’ star tells unvaxxed to self-banish: ‘Go to a small island and sequester yourself’

The false perception that the vast majority of the unvaccinated are supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, along with the left’s desire to exact punishment continues […]

Lt. Gov. in NC under fire for fiery sermon saying ‘filth’ of transgenderism, homosexuality does not belong in classroom

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is facing calls for his resignation after a video of his remarks about homosexuality and transgenderism set off a firestorm that […]

CNN’s Jim Acosta whines about Iowa Republicans at Trump rally, asks ‘can you feel the darkness that fills his soul?’

Like many other liberals, Jim Acosta is completely obsessed with former President Donald J. Trump who despite the relentless efforts to cancel him continues to draw massive […]

Raiders head coach sparks outrage after ‘racist’ email surfaces

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was engulfed by a rapidly intensifying firestorm after the publication of an email where he used a racially insensitive trope […]

Cornered Terry McAuliffe won’t define CRT but implies parents who oppose it are racists anyway

Democrats are clearly nervous that they could be made to face political consequences over critical race theory, the toxic ideology that indoctrinates children with the idea that […]

Biden, VP Harris shamefully crucified cops for shooting Jacob Blake; their own DOJ won’t bring charges

The anti-police movement was dealt a setback after the Department of Justice announced that it would not bring federal charges against the Wisconsin police officer who shot […]