Preliminary report details disturbing Hamas sexual violence on Oct. 7: An ‘apocalypse of bodies’

Release of a preliminary report on the atrocities committed in Israel detailed the extent of the brutality likened to an “apocalypse of bodies” wrought by Hamas. Between […]

INSIDER: Man hailed as hero over chance encounter with Bill de Blasio: ‘Thanks for f**king up the city, a**hole’

A momentary chance encounter with a former mayor was all one New Yorker needed to wipe the socialist’s smile off his face. Where once New York City […]

Disney still bleeding? Disney Movie Club nixed, DVD and Blu-Ray production outsourced to Sony

The slow death by DEI continued to bleed Disney dry as executives in denial announced cost-saving measures to offset panned products. Hemorrhaging at the House of Mouse […]

‘Unsettling’: Vermont resident discovers hard way that Biden’s migrant crisis hits northern border

Increased illegal alien activity at the northern border had one Vermont resident recounting the “unsettling” things found on her property. “…you never know what you’re going to […]

Elizabeth Warren’s seat is in trouble now, as Marine veteran John Deaton announces Senate challenge

After a “moderate centrist” entered the race, a Massachusetts progressive senator wasted no time rallying donors against the “MAGA Republican machine.” While the presidential preference primary for […]

Midwest parents say child was removed from home over improper pronoun usage, warn it could happen to anyone

Persecuted Christians are petitioning the Supreme Court after a midwest state to away their child to satisfy the transgenderism agenda. Mary and Jeremy Cox, Catholic parents from […]

Kids, 7 and 8, digging on Florida beach get swallowed by sand, onlookers frantically try to save them

A beach day tragedy unfolded in Florida Tuesday when two young siblings became buried by the sand. (Video: CBS News Miami) One child is dead after witnesses […]

‘Emotion HOT at the table’ when ‘know nothing’ Tarlov is schooled on Trump’s NY civil fraud ruling

An accusatory rant against the former president was soundly rebuked by two Fox News hosts for sounding “somehow worse than Geraldo Rivera” The Monday after Manhattan Supreme […]

NYPD promotes its new dance team, and even AOC is scratching her head

The B.U. barmaid turned lawmaker with a soft spot for BLM and Hamas sympathizers danced her own foot into her mouth with a hot take on a […]

Hawaii’s Democrat governor wants to slap tourists with a ‘climate impact fee’

Repackaged with disaster at the fore, Hawaii’s governor made another pitch to charge tourists to subsidize his green agenda. Since Hawaii Gov. Josh Green (D) made the […]

Amazon driver fights off alleged drunken deviant migrant in NYC. Guess who ends up in cuffs?

A ivery driver’s supposed self-defense against an allegedly drunk and deviant illegal alien landed him in handcuffs: “I did things the right way…and I wound up going […]

Dem bill would make homeowners, renters disclose gun ownership to insurance companies, government

Golden State gun-grabbers to a new tact toward a firearm registry with some probing questions from insurance providers. cats on countertops, leftist lawmakers see freedoms teetering […]

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