University of Illinois Chicago says the word ‘obesity’ should be banned because it’s ‘rooted in racism’

Never ones to let facts get in the way of their arguments, social justice warriors are plowing ahead toward Orwellian Newspeak setting their sights on removing “obesity” […]

Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ paused, Nina Jankowicz resigns; Wa-Po’s Lorenz blames ‘right-wing attacks’

Denying any partisan motivations behind the rollout of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Disinformation Governance Board — while President Joe Biden and Democrats actively challenge the […]

Nevada school board taking heat for stopping mother from reading daughter’s X-rated homework

(Video: Fox News) The pervasive failings of government-run education were exposed again when a Nevada mother’s public comment was shut down for inappropriate content; “amazing, isn’t it?” […]

Many Americans can expect an ‘expensive summer’ as home energy costs surge

A recent government report downplayed the detriment that President Joe Biden’s policies will have on energy prices through the summer as increased nationwide averages around one percent […]

‘American babies are going hungry’: Sen. Mike Lee introduces FORMULA Act to ‘combat’ supply crisis

While President Joe Biden shifts blame and assures the baby formula shortage will be sorted out in weeks, Republicans and Democrats demonstrated he is the problem as […]

‘White Americans have to come to terms’ with their racism, says CNN senior reporter

(Video: CNN) Sourcing critical race theory (CRT) talking points to further promote cultural Marxism, a CNN reporter ensnared constitutional support with white supremacism as she contended the […]

120,000 emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop made public within a searchable database

In what is being touted as “a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime,” a former staffer from President Donald Trump’s administration made more than 120,000 […]

Conservative justice sides with liberal judges in 5-4 SCOTUS ruling on illegal immigrant deportation

In the case of an illegal immigrant seeking to avoid deportation, a ruling of 5-4 against found the United State Supreme Court in disagreement as to their […]

Clarence Thomas’ uproarious message to media on when he’ll ‘leave the court’ sure to leave a mark

(Video: C-SPAN) There are limitations to what a sitting Supreme Court justice can get away with saying without creating conflicts that could lead to recusals, and Justice […]

Wa-Po’s Eugene Robinson says Buffalo gunman had ‘back up’ in killing 10, names 3rd-ranked GOP leader

(Video: MSNBC) As faithful acolytes of the Democratic establishment, corporate media pundits and those that aspire to such low places have made their coordination abundantly clear this […]

Ketanji Brown Jackson comments on Supreme Court leak, but mum on Roe and protests at justices’ homes

While Supreme Court watchers waited to see if a decision on Roe v. Wade would be included with Monday’s release of opinions, newly minted Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson expressed […]

After 30+ years, McDonalds cites Ukraine war to say doing business in Russia ‘no longer tenable’

The impact of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has stretched beyond the devastating toll to the citizenry and the global disruption of supply chains to […]

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