Jon Stewart backs DEI ideology: ‘A salve… to pacify and mollify because we won’t do the real thing’

Comedian Jon Stewart exercised his we bonafides Sunday as he both knocked conservative concern over the prevalence of diversity, inclusion and equity and encouraged leftists to go […]

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic to mount 2024 presidential bid from jail, says we have our priorities ‘a**-backwards’

Whether or not Joe Exotic could mount a serious campaign from federal prison, the “Tiger King” set forth his 2024 presidential platform with some direct fire at […]

Brooke Shields dishes on what ex Andre Agassi did to his trophies after she licked Matt LeBlanc’s hand

Actress Broe Shields made a stunning admission about her ex Andre Agassi’s supposed “petulant behavior” after watching her film an episode of “Friends” that she said led […]

‘Squad’ members Bush, Pressley behind new LGBTQ-infused ERA caucus, get boost from RINO Murkowski

More than 40 years after it failed to be ratified and 100 years after it was first introduced, progressive Democratic Reps. Cori Bush (Mo.) and Ayanna Pressley […]

Musk files lawsuit to find out who published Twitter’s source code online

Billionaire Elon Musk’s effort to reshape hit another roadblock Friday when the social media company, believed to have already lost than half its value, was […]

Democrat claims Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ at Waco rally is worse than Jan 6, could get someone killed

Even though the January 6 Select Committee is no , the sham spirit lived on in former member Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) as she followed a cavalcade […]

More bodies found after chocolate factory explosion kills seven

An explosion at a Pennsylvania chocolate factory left at least seven dead and injured as rescue crews worked throughout the weekend to locate all the missing. […]

Trump tells reporters after Waco rally Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has ‘ALREADY dropped’ case against him

Even after giving a roughly 90-minute speech Saturday the indefatile former President Donald Trump had to say as he expressed his belief about the status of […]

J.K. Rowling exposes ‘lies’ from militant trans mob after women’s advocate Kellie-Jay ‘assualted’

Instead of leaving J.K. Rowling be for her differing views, alphabet activists have continually targeted the best-selling author. On Saturday, she fired back after a trans group […]

Megyn Kelly offers hilarious response to ‘Trump is like a hot chick’ tweet

Radio host Megyn Kelly piled on to another commentator’s analysis likening former President Donald Trump to a “hot chick” with some thoughts on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis […]

John Kerry’s elitism exposes when climate alarmist insists he doesn’t travel by private jet

Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s elitism was on full display as attempts to stave off accusations of flying private only crammed his foot further in his […]

Sobbing trans woman recounts TSA agent hitting ‘her testicles’ at JFK airport: ‘My balls still hurt so bad’

Serious allegations were made against a TSA agent at a New York airport Saturday by a traveler posting sobbing pictures from the women’s restroom that left many […]

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