IRS will still receive $60B thanks to debt ceiling deal and Republicans are not happy

Members of the House Freedom Caucus continued to decry House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden as a betrayal, facilitating “funding for […]

DeSantis takes swipes at Trump during campaign kickoff rally in Iowa

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held his campaign kickoff in Iowa and came out swinging against the top two competitors for the White House: “…leadership is not about […]

Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade escapes to Russia, worried about being jailed or killed in US

Speaking from Russia, Tara Reade, former aide and sexual assault accuser to then-Sen. Joe Biden announced her defection ahead of planned testimony after a congressman allegedly warned […]

Right on cue, legacy media declares DeSantis even more dangerous than Trump

Corporate media’s legacy of maligning former President Donald Trump set a standard by which Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is being measured, and leftists have continued to escalate. […]

Troubling ‘arm trans kids’ banner flaunted by activists as fury against ‘Let Women Speak’ rallies ramp up

Militant transgender activists ratcheted up their rhetoric in protest of a Let Women Speak rally with an apparent call to violence from children. After years of idly […]

New Jeffrey Epstein docs reveal more names and connections in extensive network of power players

Actors, influencers, bank executives and billionaires were just a few of the figures found to be associated with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein after serving jail time. At the […]

Tennessee mom goes missing on road trip with boyfriend, case has eerie similarities to Gabby Petito

A Tennessee mother of two’s reported disappearance after embarking on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend has left family members scared while the story has striking […]

Memorial Day mayhem when shooting breaks out at Florida boardwalk, multiple victims including children

A “beyond reckless” dispute left at least nine people shot, including a child about one year old, as Florida beachgoers found themselves in the midst of Memorial […]

Turley: Activists demand scene of man wanting to become a woman be cut from The Life of Brian film

Selective outrage once again struck a classic film as mocking transgenderism remained taboo but “endless jes about Italians, Christians, and Jews” were of no concern. In 1979, […]

NBC News bemoans conservatives ‘celebrating’ over success of boycotts

Conservative ight in scoring victories against we peddling from corporations appeared than NBC News could bear as they displayed willful ignorance as to the root of […]

Three Marines savagely beaten by mob of 40 teens, kicking off Memorial Day weekend on the beach

A trio of self-identified Marines became victims of “assault with a deadly weapon” over Memorial Day weekend when an estimated mob of around 40 teens was seen […]

‘It feels post-apocalyptic’: Longtime San Francisco resident calls city a ‘hellhole’

As some leftists continue to defend their city’s reputation, locals in San Francisco spe up about the “hellhole” it has become. “It honestly feels like I’m in […]