Lunatic left-wing professor fired for holding machete to neck of NY Post reporter in harrowing video

A New York City art professor responded to an investigative reporter at her apartment door with a machete to his neck: “Get the f*ck away from my […]

Jordan Neely’s uncle gets arrested day after saying Daniel Penny didn’t deserve plea deal

Jordan Neely’s uncle, who adamantly demanded justice for his nephew who died after being ched on a New York City subway, was arrested for purse-snatching, casting light […]

Victoria Secret model chronicles grandmother’s last days before she’s voluntarily euthanized in Canada

A Victoria’s Secret mo chronicled her farewell visit to her grandmother in Canada as the elderly woman prepared to join the thousands utilizing the nation’s continually expanding […]

‘Overwhelmed’: Surreal scenes as Chicago police stations transform into makeshift migrant shelters

In their city where progressive policies have already allowed crime to grow unchecked, video captured the latest challenge for Chicago police as the crisis at the southern […]

Police officers sue over handgun that allegedly fires on its own

Dozens of law enforcement officers have filed suit against firearms manufacturer SIG Sauer alleging injury after the weapon discharged without intent, even when holstered. Based out of […]

House Republicans push back against Biden’s electric vehicle tyranny

A majority of House Republicans joined together Monday in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) taking aim at the “ill-considered effort” to force market transitions […]

Tim Scott’s faceless black man campaign logo gets wrong kind of attention: ‘Astonishing that this is deliberate’

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott promoting a message of “personal responsibility and hard work” may have been than the race-baiting, narrative supplicants could bear as unhinged […]

Tucker Carlson sends firm cease-and-desist to PAC using his name: ‘We will use every legal means …’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s lack of intent toward a presidential bid didn’t stop one group from trying to manifest a run, an effort that earned […]

Second Hunter Biden whistleblower, financial crimes agent, emerges after five years on case

Allegations of retaliation have emerged from a second whistleblower investigating Hunter Biden who has accused the Justice Department and US Attorney’s office of “acting inappropriately.” The attorneys […]

Sen. Tim Scott enters 2024 GOP primary with hopeful message; WaPo wants to know if he’s still a virgin

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott widened the GOP field of 2024 presidential contenders during his hometown campaign announcement with an impassioned message of hope regarding America’s “dec.” […]

‘Take it to the bank’: KT McFarland points to past two elections to say FBI, CIA will ‘interfere in 2024’

Fox News contributor and former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland opined on the “gut punch to the American people” laid out in Special Counsel John Durham’s […]

‘My badge of honor’: The rush is on to get blocked by former FBI loverboy Peter Strzok over Durham report

Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strz was under the impression the final report from Special Counsel John Durham had left him a winner, but his attempt to […]