More Americans favor sending troops to the Middle East after Israel-Hamas war, survey finds

Americans support sending troops to the Middle East over the eastern Pacific region according to results of a national survey released Thursday, a sharp contrast to […]

Japan asks US to ground all Osprey flights after latest deadly accident

Japan has asked the U.S. military to ground all flights of the CV-22 Osprey aircraft after a mishap Wednesday killed at least one American crew member, The […]

US warship shoots down Iranian-made drone launched from Yemen

A U.S. warship shot down an Iranian-made drone originating out of Yemen on Wednesday after another one harassed an aircraft carrier the day before, the Associated Press […]

Biden admin circulates map in Congress showing battleground states reaping billions from Ukraine aid

The Biden administration circulated graphics around Congress showing battleground states Pennsylvania and Arizona reaping millions as a consequence of U.S. military aid to Ukraine in an apparent […]

One body recovered after US military aircraft goes down near Japan

One deceased crew member has been recovered after a U.S. military aircraft crashed off the coast of southern Japan Wednesday, a Japanese Coast Guard spesperson said, according […]

Tommy Tuberville tells GOP behind closed doors he will end his hold on military promotions

Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama told Senate Republicans Tuesday he would end his hold on military promotions, according to Punchbowl News. Senate Democrats are working on […]

‘Glaringly poor judgment’: Top CIA official scrubs pro-Palestinian images from social media

A top CIA official changed her social media cover photo to a pro-Palestine image two weeks after the Hamas terrorist organization invaded Israel and has subsequently eted […]

Israel says Hamas violated ceasefire

Israel’s military accused the Hamas terrorist organization of violating the extended ceasefire on Tuesday in a statement on social media, inserting a rift into ongoing negotiations for […]

CIA director lands in Qatar for secret talks with Israeli intelligence over additional hostage releases

CIA Director William Burns is in Qatar on Tuesday to hold secret talks with the Israeli intelligence chief and the Qatari prime minister over ways to brer […]

Exclusive: GOP rep demands Air Force justify threatening troops’ careers for attending conservative rally

Republican Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana is pressuring the Air Force to conduct an investigation of text messages warning against attending a conservative rally, according to a […]

Pentagon confirms lull in attacks on US troops since Israel-Hamas ceasefire started

U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria have not come under attack from Iran-backed militant groups since Nov. 23, the day before the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas […]

Pirates surrender to US Navy after failed hijacking attempt

A U.S. Navy warship chased down unidentified pirates attempting to hijack a commercial vessel in waters south of Yemen on Sunday, forcing the would-be hijackers to surrender, […]

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