‘Woke’ Disney to lay off thousands, orders managers to compile list of employees to cut

According to a source inside Disney, the entertainment giant has ordered managers/executives to prepare budget cuts and, notably, lists of employees to be laid off, with […]

Dramatic upswing of FBI terror watchlist suspects being arrested at southern border

Sixteen of the illegal aliens who crossed into the U.S. illegally in February were on the FBI’s terror watch list. This brings the total number of watch […]

NHL player cites Bible, faith in Jesus Crist to explain refusal to wear LGBTQ-themed jersey

An NHL player and his team are facing both praise and backlash over his decision to not participate in the league’s Pride Night celebration this Saturday. James […]

De-transitioning teen who ‘desperately needed help’ to sue doctors who removed her breasts at 13

Last Wednesday, an 18-year-old woman filed a letter of intent to sue the Kaiser Hospital Foundation for having placed her on puberty blockers when she was 12 […]

Woman claims FBI agents confront her over tweet, ask if she intends to ‘harm’ Pfizer

Two alleged FBI agents pestered a woman at her job last Thursday for publishing posts reportedly “criticizing Pfizer,” one of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the […]

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg responds to Trump’s call to action over possible arrest

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg reportedly responded to former President Donald Trump calling for protests over his potential indictment by telling his office staffers that he won’t […]

Defiant, fist-pumping Trump receives standing O at Tulsa wrestling event

As his fans reportedly flocked to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday to protest his potential upcoming indictment, former President Donald Trump meanwhile received a standing ovation when he arrived […]

LA woman says FBI took her life savings. Now she’s raising awareness while trying to get it back

Meet Linda Martin, a Los Angeles resident who claims that the FBI stole her life savings of $40,200. She’s now part of a nationwide class action lawsuit […]

Elon Musk predicts unintended consequence of potential Trump indictment: ‘Landslide victory’

Billionaire Elon Musk has predicted that if former President Donald Trump is indicted, as has been reported may be happening soon, then he’ll wind up winning the […]

‘Take our nation back!’ Trump shreds ‘illegal leaks’ that reportedly imply he may be ‘arrested on Tuesday’

Former President Donald Trump has called for “protest” over reports that he’s scheduled to possibly be indicted and arrested as early as next Tuesday. “NOW ILLEGAL LEAKS […]

Detroit man finds out the hard way it’s a bad idea to rob concealed permit holder and his friend

An armed criminal suspect who tried to rob a concealed carry owner and his friend outside a Detroit liquor store wound up getting shot in the chest […]

‘Maybe having police & arresting criminals wasn’t such a bad idea’: CNN reporter robbed ‘again’

Billionaire Elon Musk responded to a CNN reporter getting robbed “AGAIN” by suggesting that maybe, just maybe, having the police around is, you know, a good thing. […]

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