In America, there is an aggressive, totalitarian ideology that wants to punish anyone who publicly dissents

Wrestler turned c-list actor John Cena issued an apology to China and their fearless leader for daring to speak the unspeakable: that Taiwan is, in fact, a […]

Tommy’s Garage – 5/29/21
Bedford: ‘Do our elected officials care about public safety? Or is it all a lie? Seems like it’s a lie.’

Heroin needles, open drug deals, violent crime, rampant homelessness: These are the daily realities of life American cities, but it wasn’t like this just a few short […]

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! – Tommy’s Garage – 05/22/2021
Fair Questions: Follow the science and take your mask off

Mask Mandates have begun to be lifted across the country. But that means the politicization of masks as a symbol of liberal identity is on full display, […]

Wine About It With Erin Elmore And Britt McHenry

The perfect combination of beauty and brains, Britt McHenry is the whole package and a perfect “Wine About It” guest. Growing up as the daughter of an Air […]

To be a ‘good liberal’ is to surrender your safety, your sanity, your wellbeing

The Culture War continues this week, with host Christopher Bedford joined by Rachel Brovard, the senior director of policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute. Rachel is at […]

Tommy’s Garage – Combating wokeism one Saturday night at a time
‘Fair Questions’ With Matt Bailey

On today’s “Fair Questions,” host Matt Bailey takes a look at the sudden decision of government officials to permit dining and entertainment to reopen at 100% capacity. […]

Culture War with Christopher Bedford of The Federalist

In America today, the culture war rages on, but amidst left-wing advances and conservative retreats, morale is at an all-time low. Spirits are so dismayed, on multiple […]

Cinco De Mayo Edition – Tommy’s Garage
Wine About It with Erin Elmore – 4/30/21

There are very few facts in the world: liberals whine and biological men and women are different. Given these indisputabilities, my next “Wine About It” guest had […]