Bedford: Why does our purportedly ‘Catholic’ president not denounce these hate crimes?

Big Tech and woke Leftists will have you think that the most charitable, caring people on earth are anyone with a D next to their name, or the rich neighbors with the “Black Lives Matter” and “hate has no home here” signs in the yard. They might be surprised to learn that in reality, the most charitable, caring people on earth are the Roman Catholic Church. And yet, who speaks out when over the past year, Catholics were the victims of at least 74 anti-Catholic hate crimes across the United States? If you even knew that, you’re far ahead of most Americans.

This episode of “Culture War” hits close to home—almost quite literally—for our host Christopher Bedford and his guest, The Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olahan. Defaced statues, desecrated churches, and attacks on clergy have merited nothing but silence from corporate media and even in a lot of communities that are being targeted. The people who want nothing more than to serve their suffering neighbors are left defenseless when they are attacked. Chris and Mary Margaret explore this deplorable—indeed, demonic—double standard and call out the true enemy at play as this week’s episode of “Culture War.” You won’t want to miss it.


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