‘She has no shame’: Joy Behar says it’s ‘narcissistic’ of Trump to believe God played a part in saving his life

Trump derangement syndrome works in mysterious ways, as can be witnessed in multiple public meltdowns by media shills as momentum behind the former president soars. Enter into […]

‘DEI must DIE’: Passenger jets nearly collide mid-air over NY airport, raising hiring concerns

The use of DEI hiring practices amid a seemingly growing amount of ‘close calls’ in the air industry has some folks crying foul. A harrowing video showing […]

‘HUGE 24 hours for Trump, GOP’: SCOTUS on a ROLL delivers massive wins for liberty, with some surprises

Every day is a good day to be an American, but on June 28th, 2024, it’s particularly great to be one. After than three excruciating years […]

‘Laugh or cry? Not sure.’ Pro-Trump ad set to air during debate sparks mix of emotions

A devastating new Trump ad reportedly set to air during the highly anticipated presidential debate is making waves on social media. The snarky ad titled “Who’s laughing […]

‘Funniest man in Congress?’ GOP Rep slays ‘paid Democrat operative’ with a hilarious zinger

When times are tough, it’s good to have a sense of humor. But, bringing your innate gift for comedy and peppering it throughout the Washington D.C. swamp […]

SABO unleashes massive street art hit ahead of Clooney fundraiser – Joe Biden’s shower scene is OMG!

Proving once again that Hollywood and the Democratic Party are perpetually intertwined, fundraising efforts have taken on new life as the 2024 election looms closer. And who […]

Dems face potential fiasco in deep blue state thanks to indicted senator’s refusal to stand down

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s decision to run as an independent could set him up as a spoiler candidate for the state’s Democratic nominee, making the race […]

Trump gives ‘complete and total’ endorsement to ‘MAGA Meg’ Weinberger, a ‘BIG VOICE’ in Florida

A candidate for the Florida State House received a coveted endorsement from a prominent Palm Beach County resident – former President Donald Trump. Republican candidate Meg Weinberger […]

Woman demands to speak to ‘useless motherf***er’ Buttigieg in airport meltdown. But, it gets better!

Mental breakdowns on commercial flights and in airports are becoming common occurrences these days but rarely does someone call out the Secretary of Transportation during their tirade. […]

The Florida candidate laser-focused on eradicating horrific animal crimes

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – March 18, 2024 – State Representative Candidate Meg Weinberger (FL-94) embarked on a unique journey on Thursday across her district to raise […]

Sabo: ‘Rush was our GOAT, there was no equal and he made it look easy’

  Written by guest author, artist Sabo I remember way-back having this little black Sony AM radio. You couldn’t separate me from the thing. From the moment […]

Dana Bash appears to want to crawl out of her own skin when Ramaswamy ‘goes there’ on J6

Love him or hate him, Vivek Ramswamny is not afraid of tackling taboo narratives and he brought his A-game to CNN after Wednesday’s Republican debate. After a […]

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