America is barreling towards a cliff’s edge thanks to Dems — It’s time to kick them to the curb

Jenny Beth Martin, DCNF Since Joe Biden became president and Democrats to control of both houses of Congress, inflation has surged. In 2020, the last year before […]

Courts extend ballot receipt deadline for some Georgia voters in key county

Trevor Schakohl, DCNF A court extended the absentee ballot return dead Monday for some Cobb County, Georgia, voters after the county’s election board failed to send out […]

‘That’s where we align’: Muslim community’s vote is beginning to shift to the right. Here’s why…

Reagan Reese, DCNF A growing number of Muslim voters are shifting towards the Republican Party, citing the GOP’s emphasis on “God and country,” community members told the […]

Jean-Pierre’s LAME excuse for Biden’s coal plant comments could be her weakest yet

Jennie Taer, DCNF White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Monday that President Joe Biden’s during a Friday speech about closing coal-fueled power generation plants were […]

What is the point of having Christian universities if they can’t have Christian beliefs?

Emily Fowler, Campus Reform Conservative Christian colleges are constantly threatened with petitions and lawsuits to abandon the basic principles of their faith. As a student who chose […]

Voters should choose secure borders on election day

Tommy Hicks, DCNF Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Over the past two years, President Joe Biden and Democrats have eviscerated our borders, tried to grant mass […]

Here’s why one key Texas county wants Biden’s DOJ to monitor its elections

Sherry Sylvester, DCNF Earlier this year, the Houston Chroniclewon a Pulitzer Prize for a series of editorialsalleging that Texas politics has been rooted in racism and voter […]

The EPA’s new methane rules could force small oil and gas drillers out of business

Jack McEvoy, DCNF The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing rules to crack down on oil and gas drillers’ methane emissions, which could raise costs for smaller […]

GOP candidate claims opponent’s ‘vile and nasty lies’ led to shooting at his parents’ home

Harold Hutchison, DCNF UPDATE: This piece has been updated to reflect a statement from North Carolina Sen. Jeff Jackson. Republican congressional candidate Pat Harrigan of North Carolina […]

It’s time for Arizonans to pass one key measure on the ballot this election day

Randy Pullen, DCNF In Arizona, as in many other states, voter identification must be provided at polling locations to get a ballot to vote. A photo ID […]

Whoever approved Jimmy Kimmel’s mind-boggling ad should be fired, says confused Dem

Harold Hutchison, DCNF Bakari Sellers ripped an ad with Jimmy Kimmel that targeted Republican senatorial nominee Adam Laxalt of Nevada during a Friday appearance on CNN. “I […]

New York is revolting against liberalism — again

William F. B. O’Reilly, DCNF The damnedest thing is happening in the Empire State.Election Day is Tuesday, and Democrats aren’t smiling. For the first time in almost […]