Podcaster causes quite the stir when he calls Kamala Harris ‘the original Hawk Tuah girl’

Opining on how Vice President Kamala Harris “got her start in politics,” one podcaster’s suggestive take during a Fox Business appearance was deemed “harsh.” “…she’s the original […]

Trump received far more votes in the 2020 Democratic primary than Kamala Harris

Former President Donald Trump received considerably votes in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries as a write-in candidate than Vice President Kamala Harris, who sought the party’s […]

Meghan McCain goes NUCLEAR when accused of ‘joining the Trump train’

Meghan McCain is in a fighting mood after being accused of “essentially joining the Trump train.” It all started when journalist Rachel Janfaza tweeted that the presidential […]

Hillary ‘excited’ to back Kamala Harris, says ‘time for hand-wringing is over’

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “excited” about a Kamala Harris presidency and gushed over the current vice president in a New York Times essay. The […]

‘We do not have room’: Sanctuary state to offer plane tickets for migrants to leave 

A New England state that has long been regarded as a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants is now dramatically scaling back its emergency migrant shelter services and offering […]

Matt Walsh rocks man bun in undercover mission, ‘Am I Racist?’

Conservative podcast host Matt Walsh went undercover on a mission to answer the riveting question, “Am I racist?” In the first Daily Wire original film which is […]

‘She is way down’: CNN’s Harry Enten dumps cold water on Kamala Harris winning back young voters

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten on Wednesday said Vice President Kamala Harris is not retrieving the young voters that President Joe Biden had hemorrhaged to former […]

‘What happened to you?’ Michael Steele mocked for getting a little too excited over Kamala Harris

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, personifies the sleazy world of DC politics, as there are no limits to how far he will […]

Harley Davidson forgets core customers, falls into woke DEI mode, feels Americans’ backlash

A knock from conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck put Harley-Davidson under the “go we, go bre” microscope over their alleged “total commitment” to DEI policies. In the vein […]

Son of famous rocker throws his support behind Trump after shooting shows he’s the real deal

Jack Osbourne proudly announced that he would be voting for former President Donald Trump. Osbourne, the son of legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, said that the […]

Harris to go all-in on abortion as real issues no longer matter

Vice President Kamala Harris has reportedly begun to make abortion a central theme of her presidential campaign. “On Monday, Harris told campaign staff in Wilmington, aware, that […]

Tinseltown swoons over Kamala: ‘We’re all so excited’

Nobody is pleased with the coronation of VP Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party’s new standard bearer than its most obnoxious constituents and Hollywood is swooning […]

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