Dan Crenshaw calls for activist Olympic qualifier who turned her back on flag to be removed from team

Following a third-place finish during Olympic Trials over the weekend, hammer thrower Gwen Berry came under fire for turning away while the national anthem was played as […]

Dershowitz on Giuliani: ‘Essentially disbarred without a hearing …I’ve never, ever seen a case’

Reacting to a New York court’s suspension of Rudy Giuliani’s law license, Alan Dershowitz has strongly implied that the tendency to weaponize the legal system against political […]

White British influencer identifies as ‘Korean’ after painful plastic surgery

Confused British-born influencer Oli London has been the recipient of numerous expensive plastic surgeries in an attempt to look like his K-Pop idol, Jimin of BTS and […]

‘They’re coming for our guns’: Armed American News will help you be ready

President Joe Biden is certainly pulling no punches when it comes to gun control, highlighting “assault weapons” and an “epidemic of gun violence” while speaking on his […]

Biden admin, Democrats, big tech are in ‘unholy marriage,’ former Dem advisor lashes out

Dr. Naomi Wolf, a noted feminist and former Democratic adviser, has lashed out at what she describes as “an unholy marriage” between Big Tech, the Democratic Party, […]

MSNBC host goes full rage on Bill Maher for not hating white people: ‘Stay in your lane, Slim’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross had some harsh words for HBO’s Bill Maher, calling him an “angry white man” for being critical of Lin-Manuel Miranda apologizing for a […]

‘Brady Bunch’ and other classic sitcoms getting drag queen makeovers in strange crossover

In celebration of Pride Month, Hollywood is reimagining wholesome American sitcom classics as drag queen comedies. Paramount+ will stream the comedy special “Dragging the Classics: The Brady […]

Bedford: We didn’t crush the virus, but we did crush a lot of ordinary people’

Think lockdown was crazy? The left’s next plan is to control every aspect of your life from birth to nature-friendly grave; they call it “climate change.”Join the […]

Rose responds to backlash over his tokenism comment and his push for all-black USA team

ESPN Commentator Jalen Rose, who referred to Kevin Love, who is white, being included on the USA men’s Olympic basketball team as a token, apologized to Love […]

Fox News’s Tyrus confronts spoiled brat Olympian: Why are you even competing if you hate America?

Fox News contributor George “Tyrus” Murdoch clapped back at athlete Gwen Berry for turning her back on the American flag in protest after she won a spot […]

Protesters gather at ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ to object to vaccine ‘segregation’

About 100 peaceful protesters showed up at opening night for “Springsteen on Broadway” to challenge the venue’s mandatory COVID vaccination card policy which they claim is a […]

Budweiser banned from Pride event because previous pandering to LGBTQ’s was not enough

A noted New York tavern linked to the beginning of the gay rights movement in the late 1960s has banned Anheuser-Busch products during the city’s Pride weekend […]

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