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Biden admin, Democrats, big tech are in ‘unholy marriage,’ former Dem advisor lashes out

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Dr. Naomi Wolf, a noted feminist and former Democratic adviser, has lashed out at what she describes as “an unholy marriage” between Big Tech, the Democratic Party, and the Biden administration after she was banned earlier this month from several platforms for posting theories about the origin of the COVID-19 virus.

In an interview with Russia Today’s Steve Malzberg for his weekly Sunday show “Eat The Press,” Wolf addressed her suspensions from Twitter and YouTube after she raised questions about the veracity of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s long-held claim that the virus mutated to humans from bats and did not escape from a bio lab in Wuhan, China, as a growing number of observers have begun suggesting.

“Something really concerning about our democracy is that Twitter spokespeople have been putting out a lot of misinformation, outright misstatements, claiming that I was suspended for vaccine misinformation and that’s not the reason I was suspended,” she told Malzberg, a former host for Newsmax TV.

Wolf explained that she was permanently suspended from Twitter after her post, which featured a video of her explaining that because of insufficient data, residents in Oregon had the right to choose whether or not they wanted to get vaccinated.

“Long-term studies on the vaccines have not been done; they are experimental, not FDA-approved, [and] available only on an emergency basis,” she says in her video. “Oregonians have the right to choose whether or not to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, because this long-term data is not available to them or simply because they have a good reason not to get it.”

But the information was deemed to have violated the social media platform’s’ community rules, though the viewpoint she offered was not her own.

“I’m actually not reading my own words,” Wolf told the host. “I’m reading the words of a duly elected state senator from Oregon, State Senator Kim Thatcher, who had issued a press release about a bill 872 to ban vaccine passports in her state and end mask mandates.

“Those were her words and it linked to her bill,” Wolf continued. “So I got my suspension notice right in the act of uploading a press release from a United States State Senator.”

She went on to say that she believes she’s being targeted because of a campaign she began that pushes for more freedoms in the age of COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

“Another reason I think I’ve been kind of in the crosshairs recently is the incredible success of a campaign on my company website Daily Clout, ‘Five Freedoms,’ to end vaccine passports, mask mandates and emergency law; [as well as] open schools now [and] guarantee free assembly,” she told Maltzberg.

“These are things a lot of Americans care about, their basic constitutional rights. We’ve been successful in a lot of states,” she added.

Later, she specifically decried what she sees as a symbiotic relationship between her “lifelong” Democratic Party and the same Big Tech platforms banning her.

“These shouldn’t be partisan issues,” she said. “I am a liberal Democrat. I voted for Biden,” she said.

“That doesn’t matter when the Constitution is in the crosshairs as it is now. I will go anywhere to talk to anyone about the threats to our democracy and I’ve been doing that since 2008 with my book ‘The End of America,” she added, tying it all back to the lab-leak theory.

“This really pains me to say as a lifelong Democrat, but what I see is an unholy marriage of the DNC and this administration along with ‘stars of past administrations’ on the Dem side and big tech, to create a one-party state and to silence conservative voices, to silence voices of scientists, respected scientists, who are calling attention to things like the Wuhan lab leak or problems that are now fully documented with myocarditis and young men after the vaccine,” she said.

Jon Dougherty


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