Tom Cotton takes New York Times to the woodshed for claim American flag is ‘divisive’

The New York Times, in the spirit of Independence Day, recently published an article suggesting that the American flag is no longer a symbol that represents our […]

‘It’s a long story’: Joe Biden called out for telling Dodgers a tall tale about his baseball glory days

The Biden administration hosted the 2020 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday, and in typical fashion, the president couldn’t help but make up a story […]

‘Republican’ strategist goes on hyperbolic rant against her own ‘neofascism’ party: ‘It needs to burn down’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid hosted a panel during her show in which a Republican strategist (although she has worked with Democrats, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo) suggested […]

ESPN host apologizes to black colleague after secret recording busts her slamming network for diversity quota

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols was forced to apologize on Monday after audio was leaked of her complaining about a black colleague taking her spot covering the 2020 NBA […]

Rick Wilson’s response to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about ‘dirty boys’ and ‘paddles’ raises his creep factor

Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson raised eyebrows with his latest blunder about “dirty boys” who like to be “paddled” and had folks wondering if there is […]

‘Socially conscious’ reality couple featured on Oprah’s ‘OWN’ preyed upon suffering black communities, lawyers say

A young Texas couple featured on Oprah’s OWN network reality show “Family or Fiance” to millions of dollars from black Americans suffering during the pandemic, according to […]

Crowd erupts when Trump rips RINO and ‘weak’ Republicans, says McConnell ‘can no longer do the job’

Donald Trump has been relatively quiet since he left office earlier this year, but after what he’s seen thus far from fellow Republicans he says he can […]

Ordinance passed forcing Akron police to upload body cam footage of ‘deadly force’ within 7 days

The city of Akron, Ohio, in an effort to improve relations between citizens and law enforcement, has passed an ordinance requiring the city’s police department to upload […]

Facebook scores major win in court

was given a major win in court as a federal judge dismissed antitrust suits brought forward by 46 attorneys general as well as the Federal Trade […]

Biden is sabotaging Kamala’s chances to be president by assigning her tasks too hard, says leftist

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein believes that the Biden administration is essentially ruining any chance Vice President Kamala Harris would have in an election by giving […]

IKEA’s Pride pandering goes off the rails with 10 couch designs you can’t unsee

The month of June has companies bending over backward in an effort to out-pander one another, but IKEA has gone above and beyond what anyone could’ve asked […]

Pentagon advisor puts his job on the line to warn of free-speech crackdown among military

According to the Biden administration, the greatest national security threat to the United States isn’t Russia, China, or Iran, but rather “white nationalism”, which is why the […]