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IKEA’s Pride pandering goes off the rails with 10 couch designs you can’t unsee

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The month of June has companies bending over backward in an effort to out-pander one another, but IKEA has gone above and beyond what anyone could’ve asked for when they decided to roll out their LGBTQ line of couches.

This has been a tough month for the Swedish furniture company, as just a few weeks ago several employees walked off the job at an Atlanta location when the staff was served a special meal of fried chicken and watermelon to celebrate Juneteenth. Now, the internet is having a field day mocking these couches that are supposedly a celebration of all the different sexual orientations that are out there.

The ‘Love Seats’ collection features 10 different couches, each decorated in the colors of a particular flag that stands for a sexual identity. There’s an “asexual” couch, a “transgender” couch, and the list goes on. The most peculiar of all the ‘Love Seats’ is the “bisexual” couch, which reads “When you change OR to AND, Nobody Believes You” on the cushions, and this has provided a lot of cannon fodder for folks on Twitter.

“I do not feel represented by this couch,” one user, who identifies as bisexual, tweeted. “I am, actually, quite terrified of this couch. I now live in fear of the IKEA bisexual sofa.”

The “bi” couch is hardly the only massive disaster released in Ikea’s collection. Seemingly every design was ridiculed online, and for good reason. These couches are atrocious.

Not long after Ikea made the announcement of their gay couch collection, folks began to submit their own ideas for couches that could represent marginalized communities.

While organizations like the NFL choose to release ads professing how “queer” their sport is, IKEA took Pride month a step further by designing furniture that nobody is going to buy all in an effort to appear “woke”. So long as the goal was to get people talking about IKEA, and not actually trying to sell furniture, this campaign is proving to be a huge success.


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