NASA is right: Billionaire space welfare kings shouldn’t get special treatment

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. New NASA Administrator and former astronaut Bill Nelson knows that for the emerging space industry to […]

New York Democrat proposes legislation expanding bail to host of gun crimes amid spike in shootings

A New York Democratic lawmaker has proposed a bill that would expand bail to a series of firearms-related crimes amid steep rises in shootings throughout the state. […]

Sen. McCarthy demands probe into NSA after ‘disturbing trend’ and Tucker Carlson allegations

Allegations of spying by the National Security Agency, and its failure to provide vital information to Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, are sending red flags […]

DeSantis and Biden come together in rare bipartisan unity as POTUS points to ‘good’ side after tragedy

President Biden surprised many with his unconditional support for Florida’s governor as he talked about finding a “good” side after the tragic and deadly condo collapse that […]

Leftists dial up the hate toward Melania Trump, ugly-gloat over totally predictable Jill Biden Vogue cover

While liberals rushed to heap gushing praise on First Lady Jill Biden for her soon-to-be-released Vogue cover, they mercilessly smeared and attacked former First Lady Melania Trump […]

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DHS admits white-supremacy terror threat over 4th of July is non-specific after ‘monitoring online chatter’

A Department of Homeland Security bulletin is alarmingly warning Americans that there is a non-specific potential domestic terrorist threat from white supremacists over Independence Day weekend that […]

‘I was a slave’: North Korean defector has a sobering message for disrespectful Olympian Gwen Berry

North Korean defector and former slave Yeonmi Park called out Olympian Gwen Berry and shamed her for her privilege and disrespect to America after turning her back […]

Teachers union chief co-opts Dems’ real-time revisionist history push in feud over school closures

The head of the American Federation of Teachers has become the latest liberal to try and push an alternative reality when she said this week her organization […]

Not a lot of love as Meghan McCain says she’s leaving ‘The View’, Twitter ponders ‘real conservative’ replacement

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily.SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT WeThePeople.storefor best SWAG! Meghan McCain announced Thursday that she will be permanently […]

Rick Wilson’s response to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about ‘dirty boys’ and ‘paddles’ raises his creep factor

Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson raised eyebrows with his latest blunder about “dirty boys” who like to be “paddled” and had folks wondering if there is […]

‘Socially conscious’ reality couple featured on Oprah’s ‘OWN’ preyed upon suffering black communities, lawyers say

A young Texas couple featured on Oprah’s OWN network reality show “Family or Fiance” to millions of dollars from black Americans suffering during the pandemic, according to […]

‘Disgraceful!’ Ohio Dems throw literal fist-pounding tantrum while female rep tries to fight for women athletes

Acting in an objectively unprofessional manner, Ohio Democrats in the state legislature literally pounded the table in an attempt to disrupt the presentation of a proposed amendment […]

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