Leo Terrell blasts Lori Lightfoot for cutting a ‘deal’ with gangs: Al Capone’s ‘got nothing’ on her

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot saw her city experience yet another violent weekend as we head into the summer, but it appears as though she is focused on […]

SG Macy Gray
Reports show Macy Gray has done unbelievably well under the ‘tattered’ flag she denounces

R&B singer, multi-millionaire Macy Gray appeared to pooh-pooh her own enormous success when she showed absolute disdain for the American flag – a symbol of prosperity and […]

Local Native Americans defend lucrative Minn. pipeline, claim most of the protesters are white

Emboldened by the shutdown of the Keystone XL Pipeline, on June 7, hundreds of national activists, including celebrities Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener, allegedly descended upon Line […]

EXCLUSIVE: Viral anti-CRT mom’s crusade for fair and equal education

Critical Race Theory is seeping into public schools across the country. Many claim it is teaching our children that they are inherently racist, and to look for […]

California high school takes heat after tortillas are launched at losing basketball team

Following a high school basketball game in Southern California, Coronado High School players threw tortillas at the losing team from Orange Glen High School in what is […]

Climate activists arrested outside Ted Cruz’s home, demand Biden stop negotiations with GOP

As many as eight people were arrested for trespassing outside of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Texas home on Monday during a protest over climate change. Reports said that […]

‘The View’ co-hosts’ reaction to Joy Behar’s crude joke about gay NFL player very telling

“The View’s” Joy Behar was slammed for making a tasteless sex joke after Las Vegas Raiders defensive lineman Carl Nassib came out as being the first active […]

‘Systemic neglect’: UK lawmakers spar over report showing low-income white kids pay price for ‘white privilege’

A landmark report by the Conservative-dominated Commons Education Select Committee in the U.K. argued that “divisive” and “politically controversial” terms such as “white privilege” have resulted in […]

With recall looming, Gavin Newsom touts rent forgiveness plan ‘on scale never seen before in US’

With a looming recall election to weather, likely sometime in the fall, California Gov. Gavin Newson is touting a rent forgiveness plan “on a scale never seen […]

CCP officials nominate Wuhan Lab for Nobel Prize amid growing speculation of lab leak

The Wuhan Institute of Virology could be in line to receive the Nobel Prize, despite the lab’s complicity in the COVID-19 pandemic that killed millions worldwide in […]

Candace Owens: U.S. government is engaged in criminal actions through massive expansion of power

Conservative commentator, author, and podcaster Candace Owens ripped the Biden administration and Democrats in general during a Fox News segment Monday, claiming both are using crime, COVID, […]

Trump: ‘I never admitted’ 2020 defeat, we’ll ‘have to see what happens’ with audits

Former President Donald Trump said Monday he has “never admitted” that he lost to Democratic rival Joe Biden last November, adding should ongoing ballot audits may uncover […]

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