SG Macy Gray
Reports show Macy Gray has done unbelievably well under the ‘tattered’ flag she denounces

R&B singer, multi-millionaire Macy Gray appeared to pooh-pooh her own enormous success when she showed absolute disdain for the American flag – a symbol of prosperity and […]

Local Native Americans defend lucrative Minn. pipeline, claim most of the protesters are white

Emboldened by the shutdown of the Keystone XL Pipe, on June 7, hundreds of national activists, including celebrities Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener, allegedly descended upon […]

NYC mom at wits end when school basically gives up on her intelligent son, and he’s not alone

Many New York City parents feel that area public schools are failing black students. When Keisha Ellis, concerned for the growing and obvious dec in her son’s […]

‘Terrified!’ Colorado Rep Boebert fires back at Sec of State for move to ban ‘sham’ election audits

“Sham” audits are banned in Colorado. Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold claims that Colorado’s elections are considered the “safest in the nation.” She then announced […]

donald trump
Trump team warns GOP candidates: ‘Don’t fake the endorsement if you don’t have it!’

Trump’s Warning to Republicans: “Don’t Fake the endorsement, if you don’t have it!” As the 2022 Republican primary season slowly begins, many would-be candidates vying for recognition […]

Hannity destroys the ‘unmitigated failure’ of Biden’s European trip with BRUTAL highlights

Fox News’s Sean Hannity excoriated President Joe Biden for his “embarrassing showing” during the second week of his European tour. Monday night on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” […]