Fla Rep. wants to censure the ‘Squad’ for ‘backing actions of recognized terror organizations’

The four Congress members who make up ‘the Squad’ have been called out for their unrelenting and seeming disdain for America. Florida Rep. Michael Waltz didn’t hold […]

Elbow-room escalation: Two passengers removed from flight after altercation over armrest

Two airline passengers apparently unable to agree on the rules of engagement over elbow room allegedly got into a physical altercation right before takeoff that caused a […]

Biden-Putin summit gets rough as shoving match breaks out between Russian security and media

The highly-anticipated Biden-Putin summit in Geneva kicked off on Wednesday in an explosive fashion with Russian security and the media getting into a shoving match ahead of […]

Simone Biles’ brother acquitted of triple-murder charges, attacked by mother of victim

In a dramatic courtroom incident, a woman charged at the brother of Olympic champion Simone Biles just after an Ohio judge dismissed all charges against him in […]

Actress Rita Moreno defends Lin-Manuel Miranda after he’s accused of ‘colorism’ in new film

Actress Rita Moreno came to the defense of her friend and colleague Lin-Manuel Miranda from colorism charges during her appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” […]

Gutfeld shreds Biden for being willing to ‘throw an entire country under the bus’ to protect Hunter

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld absolutely scorched President Joe Biden for using racism as a distraction to deflect from his corrupt nepotism and Hunter Biden’s sleazy scandals. […]

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Trump team warns GOP candidates: ‘Don’t fake the endorsement if you don’t have it!’

Trump’s Warning to Republicans: “Don’t Fake the endorsement, if you don’t have it!” As the 2022 Republican primary season slowly begins, many would-be candidates vying for recognition […]

Trained observer noted ‘agents provocateur’ during Capitol riot amid new report govt. operatives may have been involved

Reports Tuesday suggesting that elements of the national security and federal law enforcement establishment may have been involved in planning and fomenting the Jan 6 riot sound […]

‘Living in a war zone’: Wealthy Atlanta suburb demands its own police force amid crime spike

The suburb of Buckhead is demanding a separate police force after declaring they are “living in a war zone,” actively seeking a “divorce” from Atlanta proper after […]

Gov. Noem takes on ‘hypocrite’ Biden: ‘Fireworks are fine at the White House, but not at Mount Rushmore’

The White House would like to see state and local governments hold celebrations over the Fourth of July to mark Independence Day as the country continues to […]

The streets were my father

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Despite what collectivists claim, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. Ideally, it takes […]

Georgia cashier allegedly gunned down for telling suspect to pull up mask

A horrific scene broke out in a Decatur, Georgia grocery store Monday after a disgruntled customer allegedly opened fire on a cashier.  The cashier at Big Bear […]

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