Four assailants beat 61-yr-old woman with a KITCHEN PAN, rob her of money and walker in Manhattan

A 61-year-old New York City woman was bludgeoned with a kitchen pan while out walking in Harlem on Tuesday evening as crime rates in cities continue to […]

Another Democrat lawmaker arrested on Capitol Hill for leading march into building – So, ‘insurrection’?

Democratic Representative Hank Johnson (GA-04) said he was “getting into good trouble” like his mentor, the late Congressman John Lewis, when he was arrested in a Thursday […]

Rasmussen finds majority of Americans across the board want probe into 2020 riots over Jan 6

Democrats are still hung up on the Capitol riot that took place nearly six months ago, evidenced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s commitment to her […]

Israeli president calls Ben & Jerry’s boycott ‘a new sort of terrorism’

The increasingly political ice cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s, is being accused by Israeli President Isaac Herzog of committing “economic terrorism” amid a new ban that impacts […]

Biden pushes ‘pandemic of unvaccinated’ narrative: ‘Virtually all Covid deaths come from unvaccinated’

President Joe Biden doubled down on his push to get Americans vaccinated following a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday in response to the uptick in coronavirus cases, saying […]

Pentagon’s choice to probe ‘extremism’ says BLM web search raises concerns about White supremacy

Black Lives Matter, the organization responsible for many of the riots across the country last summer under the guise of racial justice, appears to have sympathizers within […]

CNN launches site to compete with Fox Nation, vows it won’t be ideological in laughable statement

CNN has experienced a steady decline in ratings over the last few years, falling 57 percent in prime time viewers year over year last quarter alone, which […]

DeSantis warns ‘major strain’ on taxpayers as ‘roughly 70%’ illegal border crossers say they’re Florida bound

Fresh off a trip to the southern border, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doubled down on his criticism of the Biden administration’s immigration policy after he says he […]

DeSantis joins Abbott at border, governors warn migrant crisis impacts all states and all need to step up

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited the Texas border on Saturday amid the rising migrant crisis to warn Americans that the surge in […]

‘Is this for real?’: Newly unearthed tweet from BLM explains their stance on Cuban freedom riots

The Marxist Black Lives Matter organization blamed America for the riots in Cuba earlier this week and while some tweets age better than others, a newly unearthed […]

Rite Aid employee killed for trying to stop shoplifter in LA, as Americans fear for their safety in Biden-era

A young employee at a Los Angeles Rite Aid was killed Wednesday night while attempting to stop a shoplifter from leaving the store as crime rates skyrocket […]

Hershey Company sued over black licorice products; legal experts weigh in

Hershey’s is pushing back on allegations that eating too much of its black licorice candy causes serious heart and health issues as the company is now being sued […]

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