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Leo Terrell blasts Lori Lightfoot for cutting a ‘deal’ with gangs: Al Capone’s ‘got nothing’ on her

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot saw her city experience yet another violent weekend as we head into the summer, but it appears as though she is focused on other issues. Last week Lightfoot was mocked on social media for seemingly paying more attention to the Chicago Bears potentially moving to a location outside of the city rather than the ever-increasing rates of crime throughout the Windy City. Now, she’s being likened to the infamous Al Capone for allowing gangs to run the streets.

Longtime civil rights attorney, and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell told Sean Hannity that Mayor Lightfoot “cut a deal with the Chicago gangs and she is going to allow them to flourish.”

“Lori Lightfoot is a political gangster,” Terrell says in the interview. “She’s cut a deal, she’s not going after the gangs, she’s going to go after White reporters and she’ll go after gun control and law-abiding citizens.”

This last weekend alone saw more than 50 people shot, with seven dying in what is becoming more of a normal occurrence in America’s third most populated city. Seven more people were shot and killed on Monday, as the violence shows no signs of stopping any time soon, especially with Democrat leadership calling to defund the police.

“How is it that 50 people were shot, and most of America doesn’t even know the name of one of them?” Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked his viewers in regards to Lightfoot’s lack of publicly addressing the situation. “You have let your city completely deteriorate. It’s now devolved into a total war-zone.”

“She [Lightfoot] ignored the help of Donald Trump but she’s begging for help for Joe Biden because she wants to make it a gun issue and she wants to make it a pandemic issue,” Terrell tells Hannity. “But she allows the gang members [and] career criminals to flourish in Chicago. Al Capone’s got nothing on Lori Lightfoot – she’s a gangster.”

Terrell continued to rail against Lightfoot for allowing violent gangs to flourish “at the expense of the minorities. It’s ridiculous and shameful.”

Radio Host Larry Elder, who was also on the segment with “Hannity”, says that the biggest issue facing cities like Chicago aren’t “white nationalists” and “Qanon”, which Democrats claim to be the nation’s biggest threat, but rather efforts to remove police from crime-ridden areas.

“Why aren’t we talking about the root causes here?” Elder says. “They include the defund the police movement. Black lives matter. The lie that the police are engaging in systemic racism.”

“Surprise, surprise. Crime has gone up.”

Terrell takes it even further when he suggests that politicians like Lightfoot “exploit and use black people” to reach their positions of power, but do nothing to help those who got them there.

“They don’t use them to progress them,” Terrell continues. “They don’t use them to build schools. Lori Lightfoot is a political gangster.”


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