FINALLY! Judge throws out non-citizen voting in NYC municipal elections

A New York judge has thrown out a law previously enacted by the New York City council that would have given local voting rights to approximately 800,000 […]

Watch Before Its Banned: “Dread It, Run From It, Destiny Still Arrives”

SOUND ON: You Will Definitely Want To Play This One L O U D

VM reassuring Hunter after NYT report on Chinese dealings suggests Biden DID discuss son’s business

A voicemail has surfaced of Joe Biden reassuring his son over an explosive New York Times article when Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese criminal called […]

CA to dole out ‘inflation relief’ checks up to $1,050; Newsom fails to suspend highest gas taxes in US

In convenient timing for his upcoming reelection campaign, far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom has struck a budget deal with the Democrat-controlled state legislature that includes handing out […]

Sunny Hostin stuns fellow harpies in admitting she doesn’t believe in abortions or ‘any exception’

(Video: ABC) It’s been said that progressivism is cancer and one need only look at the constant erosion of the U.S. Constitution through further government overreach to […]

Spooked crowd at NYC Pride parade flees in panic when fireworks mistaken as gunfire

After a two-year hiatus because of the COVID pandemic, the New York City Pride parade took place Sunday and nearly ended with tragedy after crowds numbering in […]

The hits keep coming: Supreme Court rules in favor of fired HS football coach who prayed on field

(Video Credit: Fox News) The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of a former Washington high school football coach, stating that his First Amendment rights of freedom […]

Senate candidate wants ‘dope money’ from blacks, calls for ‘secret sleepers’ to infiltrate SC GOP: report

During a profanity-filled phone call evidently with a prison inmate, a South Carolina Democrat elected official allegedly proposed infiltrating the state GOP with sham “secret sleeper” candidates […]

‘I’m part of the Great Resignation’: CNN’s Christi Paul announces teary-eyed exit on Sunday

CNN weekend anchor Christi Paul announced on Sunday that she would be leaving her job as the cable news network’s weekend anchor. Expressing a sentiment that seems […]

Biden ‘unwittingly’ helped pay for Hunter’s $30K sex binge with Russia-linked hookers

The laptop-from-hell strikes again as emails have surfaced confirming that President Biden unwittingly funded his son’s predilection for Russia-linked hookers, spending over $30,000 for escorts linked to […]

Dem Lori Lightfoot shouts to Chicago concert crowd: ‘F**k Clarence Thomas!’

If there is one thing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot seems to have made clear while overseeing one of the more dangerous cities in America, it’s that she […]

More is better. Warren says SCOTUS ‘set a torch’ to its legitimacy with Roe overturn – calls for expansion

(Video: ABC) With the economy in shambles thanks to devastating inflation and staggeringly high gas prices, the Democrats are latching onto the overturn of Roe v. Wade as […]

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