KJP snaps when asked why Biden jetting off despite no agreement on debt ceiling

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became fed up when a reporter pointed out that all of the doom-saying behind the debt ceiling doesn’t appear to be […]

Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch asks how CNN dodged lawsuit over Trump Town Hall

Much buzz has come from the CNN town hall that hosted former President Donald Trump, but Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch is simply wondering how they haven’t […]

Drudge reports shakeup in Fox News’ primetime lineup, rumors fly that Laura Ingraham is out

Reports of a massive shake-up to the Fox News primetime up rocked , even as the network itself pushes back on the claims. The Drudge Report published […]

‘Took them long enough’: Catherine Herridge highlights damning Hillary section in Durham report

The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed suspicions held by many conservatives and Republicans, but one finding may prove just how low some people will go to win. CBS’s […]

Watch ‘The Office’ star flawlessly handle spontaneous cell call during live interview like a pro

Actor Rainn Wilson turned an awkward moment into a funny one when his phone rang during a live interview. He was discussing his new Peacock show “Rainn […]

‘You should be ashamed of yourself!’ Ted Cruz UNLOADS on reporter over immigration

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was in no mood to play when a reporter tried to confront him on the topic of illegal immigration. “The talking point of […]

‘Hilarious!’ Trump’s fake Anderson Cooper clip throws internet for a loop

As CNN continues to take hits from all sides over its town hall with former President Donald Trump, it would appear that even Trump himself can’t resist […]

‘They’re after your kids’: Clip from popular children’s cartoon checks all the ‘woke’ boxes

Parents who are wary of the progressive influence on their children may want to take a close lo at the media their little ones are consuming. […]

Tlaib vows to carry on with anti-Israel event despite Speaker McCarthy blocking it

Despite House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-California, promising that he will block a “Squad” member’s event on the “catastrophe” of the founding of Israel, it would appear that […]

RF Protest
TELLING charts expose mainstream media’s trajectory of ‘massive public manipulation’

A recent thread by a citizen journalist puts the mainstream media’s focus on race-based stories into stark relief. Using charts to illustrate his point, “KanekoaTheGreat” pointed […]

‘That’s fatphobic’: NHL star in hot water over ‘Lizzo-sized lunch’ quip

is once again up in arms, this time over a quip by ESPN analyst and former professional ice hockey defenseman P.K. Subban, branding him “fatphobic” and […]

Remember when Kamala bashed Trump for sending troops to the border? We do. But, it’s okay for Biden.

Vice President Kamala Harris may suddenly be rethinking her position on what constitutes an “inappropriate” way to police the border. In a recently resurfaced video from 2018, […]

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