Maui Mayor refuses to tell press how many children are missing, bizarre showdown triggers outrage

A tense showdown between a reporter and Maui Mayor Richard Bissen sent social media into over-drive. The reporter was trying to figure out how many children were […]

LA purse-snatcher violently drags elderly woman in broad daylight; good Samaritans pounce

Yet another horrifying video out of Los Angeles, this one showing a man violently robbing an older woman of her belongings. The clip only captures a few […]

Heartbreaking footage of fires ravaging Hawaii as dozens reported dead, hundreds more missing

Absolutely gutwrenching video from Hawaii shows ravenous fires overtaking hundreds of hectares of land, razing buildings and killing dozens. At least 36 people are dead, and hundreds […]

CNN host attempts to confront KJP on Americans’ distaste for ‘Bidenomics’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became evasive when a CNN host tried to pin her down on economic realities. “CNN This Morning” host Victor Blackwell asked […]

‘Cringe on dial 11’: Biden’s embarrassing coffee mug ad gets DARK ROASTED on social media

A nine-second clip of President Joe Biden taking a sip out of a coffee mug rapidly amassed millions of views, but not because people were impressed. Presidential […]

Young fan’s hilarious expression gives it all away after catching ball at LA Dodgers game

One of the best parts of going to a baseball game is getting the chance to catch a stray ball lobbed into the stands, but one kid […]

Ramaswamy demands manifesto of Nashville trans shooter be released: ‘Speak the truth’

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy hasn’t forgotten the Covenant School shooting and wants the transgender shooter’s manifesto released to the public. During a news conference with Candace […]

Defiant Trump calls for ‘federal takeover’ in latest Truth Social indictment response

Former President Donald Trump continues to come under fire in the form of indictments, but he’s not letting that shut him up. The most recent indictment, accusing […]

US women’s soccer team flip bird to critics for second round; see new national anthem performance

The United States women’s soccer team has been putting up some lifeless performances of the American national anthem, being shamed by the enthusiasm of their opposing countries. […]

Watch Jim Jordan calmly destroy Dem desperate to stifle RFK Jr during SPICEY censorship hearing

Congressional Democrats have had a rather hostile relationship with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and one example of this was put on full display during a hearing on […]

Fury when Trump announces he’s J6 grand jury target: Trying to ‘take him out’ before the election

Former President Donald Trump released a statement revealing that he is expecting to be arrested and indicted yet again. In the statement, Trump expressed his disbelief that […]

‘Nailed it!’ Sen. Kennedy drops one of his best lines ever to describe D.C. cover-up for Hunter Biden

Senator John Kennedy, R-La., has an incomparable way with words, and he’s dished up another hilarious turn of phrase while discussing the Hunter Biden scandals. During a […]