‘If a bullet couldn’t stop you…’: Shooting survivor Steve Scalise reveals cancer diagnosis, support pours in

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise revealed Tuesday morning that he has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and will be undergoing treatment. In a post on X, previously […]

‘This is now a war’: Actor Jon Voight begs Americans to stand amid Trump charges

Actor Jon Voight, who isn’t shy about sharing his conservative leanings, posted a video to X discussing his take on the current social and political climate in […]

Hawaiian business publicly roasts Biden for response to Maui fire: ‘It’s not always about you’

President Joe Biden’s decision to compare a small, easily controlled house fire to the raging inferno in Hawaii was blasted by a local rental business. The company, […]

Paper or plastic? ‘Eco-friendly’ straws NOT the answer environmentalists had hoped for

The push for a sustainable way of living has birthed many “eco-friendly” products, but are they even good for us? Researchers in Belgium decided to test […]

Hunter Biden crashing at EXPENSIVE Malibu rental, taxpayers funding Secret Service to live next door

The first son has snagged a fancy new home for himself and his family, and taxpayers are footing the bill for Secret Service to crash in a […]

Trump shares NEVER SURRENDER meme with almost 20 guns pointed at his head

Former President Donald Trump was officially arrested and boed in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday, but that didn’t stop him from showing his supporters some on […]

Michelle Obama 2024 DETAILS RELEASED – ‘Replacement’ plan underway!

As President Joe Biden continues to slide in the polls, Democrat insiders are allegedly working to convince a former first lady to throw her hat in the […]

‘Oh really?’ Psaki gets reality checked into oblivion over abortion claim

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki was reacting to the first Republican primary debate when social media had to take her down memory lane. Debating a […]

CNN gloats over Rudy arrest booking; Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis put on best mugshot face

Former President Donald Trump’s associates have been turning themselves in, and leftist outlets like CNN just can’t get enough. After spending years cracking down on crime and […]

Biden in the hot seat as Nevada officials ‘actively investigating’ potentially improper vacation rental

President Joe Biden has recently come under fire for staying at billionaire Tom Steyer’s $18 million Lake Tahoe property, and now an official investigation is in the […]

Woke Dick’s Sporting Goods says ‘theft’ is the problem

Dick’s Sporting Goods, a go-to store for many outdoor activity enthusiasts, is finding out the hard way that being we isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. […]

Mask mandates making a comeback as hysteria over new Covid variant grows

As a new Covid variant emerges, pandemic-era guiines including social distancing and mask mandates are popping back up in some places. Morris Brown College is a private […]