Senior editor at Vox fantasizes about Justice Alito’s death with creepy ‘obituary’ tweet

The fantasies of leftist journalists are getting bizarre and macabre with each passing day. Take Ian Millhiser, for instance. He’s a senior editor at Vox, and […]

John Kelly secretly listened to all of President Trump’s phone calls, Kushner alleges in book

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former advisor, had some interesting things to say about his time in the West Wing in his upcoming memoir Breaking History: […]

Sources suggest China could invade Taiwan before the 2024 US presidential election

Sources familiar with US and allied intelligence services are suggesting that China could choose to invade Taiwan sometime within the next 18 months. The same sources tell […]

Gov. DeSantis owns liberal media in addressing ‘any confusion’ about appropriate school curriculum

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just can’t stop winning. In his latest lib-owning endeavor, the Sunshine State’s plucky governor has assumed the mantle of educator-in-chief of those teachers […]

Crenshaw doesn’t mince words over China’s threats: ‘Chinese Communist Party can go straight to hell!’

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw didn’t hold back his real thoughts when it came to Communist China’s incessant threats over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ill-timed and provocative visit […]

‘I take issue …we gave a whole country to a terrorist group’: Doocy hits spox nerve over Afghanistan

There’s been a nauseating excess of mutual backslapping and self-congratulation going on at the White House following the recent drone strike that allegedly to out al-Qaeda chief […]

Chicago 911 dispatcher quits, goes OFF on Lightfoot: ‘Ego’s bigger’ than crime level…uses ‘her media’ to lie

Keith Thornton, Jr., a Chicago 911 dispatcher, announced that he has resigned from his job, citing as a reason the total lack of any support or encouragement […]

Portland homeowner lists home with major caveat – squatters who won’t leave become buyer’s problem

There’s nothing like finding your dream home. And in Portland’s Southeast neighborhood, surely someone’s future dream home has just been listed on the market. It has it […]

Longtime cast member hints at why iconic SNL show might be wrapping it up for good after 50th season

Longtime “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kenan Thompson hinted in a recent interview that the legendary comedy sketch show might be coming to an end with the […]

NYC bodega worker who came to aid of boss being attacked by homeless man gets bail on murder rap

A New York judge has set bail for Vernon Gowdy, a 54-year-old Bronx bodega worker who was charged with murder after stabbing a homeless man who allegedly […]

WH press secretary has peculiar habit of rarely going it alone when facing media spotlight

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has made it abundantly clear that she’s no one-woman show. In fact, often than not, Jean-Pierre has been accompanied at […]

James Carville sees no ethical or moral problem with Democrats meddling in Republican primaries

Democratic consultant James Carville spe with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday about the practice of Democrat organizations buying ads that promote “extremist” Republican candidates. “And I have […]

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