America is slow walking towards fascism

Fascism is a governmental system in which the means of economic production and ivery of services are privately owned but government controlled. Throughout history — before even […]

Can the Republican Party be saved?

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author In a gesture that only the truly cynical could fully appreciate, the chairperson of […]

‘This is a lie’: Iranian journalist throws cold water on reports that Iran has abolished ‘morality police’

News that Iran has handed a victory to protesters and abolished its morality police is being reported by all the major American news outlets, but some Iranian […]

Watch: Suspect hits unsuspecting NYC man in back of the head with a baseball bat – in broad daylight

New York City has become a hotbed for violent crime under soft-on-crime District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Tuesday morning was no exception when an unsuspecting man had his […]

When confronted about election-denying on Trump, Hakeem Jeffries cries everybody else was doing it

House Minority Leader-elect Hakeem Jeffries is, going by the standards established by the left, a vile election denier. Yet when confronted about his election-denying behavior this Sunday, […]

WaPo columnist: Tiffany Cross was ‘honest about white supremacy’ in US, was fired because of racism

Say what you will about race baiters and hustlers, they are consistent and to prove it, Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah arrived at the only narrative-fitting conclusion […]

‘Petty heffa’: The View’s Ana Navarro skewered for cracking on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s appearance

Obsessive Never Trumper Ana Navarro seems to be trying to hair-shame U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.), and it’s not going well for her on . Reacting […]

Scientist who worked at Wuhan says Covid-19 was a man-made virus that escaped from Chinese lab

In an explosive new bo, whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff, formerly the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, claims that not only was COVID a man-made virus that escaped […]

Sen. Joni Ernst says Dems have ‘really given middle America the middle finger’ in bumping Iowa caucus

Iowans are grumbling after the Democratic party made a major change to the primary process in order to provide their 2024 candidate – presumably Joe Biden – […]

De-transitioning Ore. woman sues doctors for $850K for removing her breasts

After falling victim to we ideologues in academia and the medical industry, one detransitioner is taking legal action against those that abused “their positions of trust and […]

Baggage handlers seen on video laughing as they manhandle passengers’ luggage

A debate has erupted over how airport baggage handlers are supposed to handle baggage. At issue is a TikT video recorded at the Melbourne Airport in Australia […]

Bentley-driving AZ Mormon ‘prophet’ had 20 wives as young as nine, including own daughter: FBI

Arizona cult leader, Samuel Rappylee Bateman, had 20 “wives” as young as nine years old — including his own daughter — and drove them around in a […]

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