Biden seizes on coronavirus crises to slam Trump, makes ‘presidential’ speech, releases ‘plan’

The day after President Trump addressed the nation about swift action being taken to combat the coronavirus, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to try and hijack […]

‘They followed through’: Gov Newsom shocks at presser with high marks for Trump admin’s handling of coronavirus

California Governor Gavin Newsom shocked many when he had nothing but kind words for Trump and his administration during a press conference on the White House’s handling […]

Colo GOP rep makes waves when he challenges Biden and Beto to start gun confiscation with AR-15 in his office

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck took to Twitter Thursday, to challenge former Vice President Joe Biden and Beto O’ Rourke to swing by his office in Washington […]

Trump takes LSU champs off guard when he refers to himself as ‘son of a b*tch’ in hilarious impromptu moment

If being the target of an endless pursuit of impeachment is getting the President down, you’d never know it. In classic Trump style, the President welcomed the Louisiana […]

‘Dark psychic forces win again’: Marianne Williamson campaign comes to an end, and makes for Twitter gold

Long shot Democratic presidential candidate and spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson, announced Friday that she was suspending her campaign. “I ran for president to help forge another direction […]

Update: Brian Mast won’t award ‘Conservationist of the Year’ to anti-Trump lawyer from alleged George Soros front group

What’s gotten into Congressman Brian Mast? Last February, he appeared at a public meeting with the George Soros-linked environmental group that has made a habit of suing […]

Trump ties Obama as ‘Most Admired Man’ in Gallup’s annual poll: ‘Dems and beltway media hardest hit’

President Donald Trump and former President Barrack Obama tied as the most admired man in America for 2019, in a new poll released by Gallup on Monday. […]

Massive police presence, schools reportedly on lockdown, one officer shot as gunfire rings through Jersey City

The day’s political news came to a standstill on Tuesday when gunfire rang out on Jersey City, NJ streets. Various videos and information poured onto Twitter claiming […]

Singer Garth Brooks speaks out after working with fmr president Jimmy Carter

Add country singer Garth Brooks to shortlist of famous names adding a dose of much-needed civility into the nation’s vicious political discourse. Brooks is urging Americans to […]

Freedom Caucus takes step to remove Adam Schiff over conflict of interest

House Freedom Caucus members are demanding that Adam Schiff remove himself from the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Republican Reps Mark Meadows, Andrew Biggs, and Louie […]

Trump stands up to pressure from PM Boris Johnson to hand over US woman. ‘It was a terrible accident…’

  The United Kingdom has asked Trump to waive the diplomatic immunity for a woman involved in the untimely death of a teen outside the U.S. intelligence […]

McCain warns cackling ‘View’ hosts: ‘Laugh all you want, Trey Gowdy is bad news for Dems …’

Meghan McCain believes Trey Gowdy’s a force to be reckoned with, so laugh at him at your own peril. ‘The View” host Whoopi Goldberg was clearly agitated […]

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