Warren-AOC tag team: radical plan gives tax-money benefits to illegals, ex-cons

Elizabeth Warren aligned herself with freshmen Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and took another radical stand on immigration. Warren backed Ocasio-Cortez’s “Just Society” proposal that would allow illegal immigrants […]

Trump tweets Nickleback-Biden parody video…Twitter goes nuts

It seems no one is safe from the current impeachment controversy gripping the nation, not even famous rock bands. The band Nickelback was thrust into the mix […]

Dobbs: RNC chair nails it — Republicans better get behind Trump…or pay in 2020

Lou Dobbs has been screaming one particular message to waffling Republicans and had nothing but praise for RNC chair Ronna McDaniel for echoing his sentiment… It’s time […]

Interview files with fired Ukraine prosecutor show he was axed because of Joe Biden

If there were ever an argument for a “smoking gun,” this could be one — and it’s pointing at former Vice President Joe Biden. New documents revealing […]

NY Times’ reporter tries to ‘lib-splain’ own explosive headline ‘Schiff got Early Account of Accusations…’

  Dem Rep Adam Schiff has found himself firmly in Republican crosshairs over his suspicious role in the whistleblower complaint at the heart of an impeachment inquiry […]

Red flags over Adam Schiff’s involvement with whistleblower complaint

Dem Rep Adam Schiff’s actions have been arguably reprehensible during the Democrats’ latest attempt to oust President Trump. Schiff’s questionable assertions about a whistleblower complaint accusing Trump […]

Chris Wallace insults Trump defenders more aggressively than usual over Ukraine call

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace went against the grain on Friday, blasting Trump and his “defenders” for trying to make “nothing out of something” over the Ukraine […]

FOX & Friends unwind ‘suspicious lockdown’ spin, Ben Shapiro questions Schiff’s timing

Democrats’ claims that Trump threatened Ukraine officials by saying he’d withhold military aid unless he got dirt on opponent Joe Biden are weakening by the minute, as […]

Famous trio laugh at Adam Schiff, puff on cigars and offer impeachment message for Trump supporters

Actors Robert Davi and Isaiah Washington teamed up with comedian Terrance K. Williams to send an unmistakable message to Adam Schiff — you’re a joke! The video […]

Super-beauty Christie Brinkley recreates iconic red Ferrari scene

Supermodel Christie Brinkley returned to the screen to recreate one of cinema’s most iconic moments while promoting ABC’s season premiere of “The Goldbergs.” As she did in […]

Mark Levin demands GOP turn tables on dirty Dems: ‘Where the hell are Republican chairmen in Senate?’

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin went off on the whistleblower complaint against President Trump and slammed “rogue CIA agents.” “A CIA agent who is a […]

Dems escalate quickly, accuse Trump of intimidating witness in whistleblower case; file formal complaint

Democrats are quickly ramping up their impeachment case against Donald Trump and accused the president of tampering with a witness through intimidation on Thursday. Trump lashed out […]