Hillary clinton asked china for trump tax returns
Hillary slams Trump for China request to probe Bidens, but she did the same for his tax returns

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of wrongdoing because he suggested that China investigate Joe Biden’s alleged abuse of power when he was […]

Christian doctor who lost job for refusing to use gender pronoun vows fight

A Christian doctor who lost his job after refusing to use a transgender pronoun has just lost an appeal over the decision — but he’s not backing […]

Dems swoop on DeVos’ high costs…ignore she needs security due to threats

This week the media ran hit pieces detailing the exorbitant costs of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ extensive security detail. But missing from every single report run by […]

Shady Planned Parenthood opens mega-abortion shop in strategic location

A new Planned Parenthood clinic opening in Illinois was hyped by CBS News, which reported on the organization’s efforts to launch new facilities in strategic locations. The […]

Trump rocks record-high approval for 2019

A new poll shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating has a hit a high for 2019 — even amidst the constant impeachment talks from Democrats. The […]

Trump puts Dems in hot seat with impeachment-condemning flashback video

As the presidential campaign season ramps up to full-gear, so does the Democrat Party’s attacks against President Trump. Never being one to take an attack lying down, […]

Greta Thunberg just doesn’t do it for Putin: ‘I don’t share common excitement’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is apparently not impressed with the left’s teenage climate darling, Greta Thunberg. Putin revealed that last month’s United Nations speech by the 16-year-old […]

Warren-AOC tag team: radical plan gives tax-money benefits to illegals, ex-cons

Elizabeth Warren aligned herself with freshmen Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and took another radical stand on immigration. Warren backed Ocasio-Cortez’s “Just Society” proposal that would allow illegal immigrants […]

New texts between U.S. envoys make clear: ‘No quid pro quo’s of any kind’

New text messages obtained by Fox News will be red meat for President Donald Trump — they could show the U.S. never threatened to withhold military aid […]

Clint Eastwood flips script on fake news in new movie…warning: Lefties will lose it

Clint Eastwood’s latest directorial effort has the media in its sights. “Richard Jewell” tells the story of one of the earliest notable victims of out-of-control government agencies […]

Fmr. AG Sessions says he still supports Trump: ‘I’m proud’ of Trump’s agenda

Despite being ousted from office by President Donald Trump nearly a year ago, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions remains steadfastly committed to supporting the president’s mission to “Make […]

PC gone mad — black deputy forced to resign just shy of retirement for wearing ‘afro wig’

A former Georgia deputy — who is black — is claiming he was forced out of a job after donning an “afro wig.” Antonio Perryman, of Dekalb […]

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