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Famous trio laugh at Adam Schiff, puff on cigars and offer impeachment message for Trump supporters

(Screenshot from Twitter)

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Actors Robert Davi and Isaiah Washington teamed up with comedian Terrance K. Williams to send an unmistakable message to Adam Schiff — you’re a joke!

The video begins with the trio laughing at what a complete joke Schiff has become before it took on a more serious tone.

“Hold strong,” Davi told President Trump and his supporters. “This impeachment witch hunt bulls***.”

He then went off on Democrats for ignoring pressing issues like “immigration, the homeless in L.A. about our veterans’ suicide, about healthcare,” he continued.

“Three years” Democrats have been on a witch hunt to destroy a duly elected president, the trio noted.

“I think it’s disgusting!” Davi said before turning it over to the other “fellas.”

After again acknowledging what a “joke” Adam Schiff has turned out to be, Terrance slammed Dems for “forgetting about the American people.”

He said the country would be doing so much better if they’d fight with Trump, instead of against him.

Of course, anyone who’s paid the slightest attention to politics over the last three years knows this will never happen.

It’s “get Trump out” at all costs for leftists.

“Liddle Adam Schiff” went so far as to throw what little of his dignity he had left completely out the window during an Intel hearing covering the infamous phone call at the center of Dems’ latest impeachment attempt.

After the released transcript of the call failed to prove Trump tried to strong-arm Ukraine President Zelensky into giving up dirt on Joe Biden, shifty Schiff decided to fabricate his own transcript as he blatantly spewed false words and assigned them to Trump during the hearing.

It’s hard to put into words how utterly desperate, despicable and dangerous that is.

But, plenty of Twitter users found the words to support the Trump-supporting trio on Twitter:

The last Twitter user was referring to Schiff’s sorry excuse of using “parody” while he tried to fool the American people with his lies.

The trio’s video is among a growing amount of Trump supporters “coming out of the closet” or growing more vocal to support their president. Trump is going to need all the help he can get running up to the 2020 election.

On Thursday, Davi posted another epic rant against Democrats and the despicable media spin they have on their side.


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