Trump stands up to pressure from PM Boris Johnson to hand over US woman. ‘It was a terrible accident…’

  The United Kingdom has asked Trump to waive the diplomatic immunity for a woman involved in the untimely death of a teen outside the U.S. intelligence […]

McCain warns cackling ‘View’ hosts: ‘Laugh all you want, Trey Gowdy is bad news for Dems …’

Meghan McCain believes Trey Gowdy’s a force to be reckoned with, so laugh at him at your own peril. ‘The View” host Whoopi Goldberg was clearly agitated […]

Hillary’s chomping at the bit for impeachment, but ‘I can beat him again’ is a head-scratcher

  The two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called Trump an illegitimate president, and is conjuring up the old Russian collusion narrative saying the rogue nation […]

Fox News poll shows Americans persuaded toward impeachment; Brad Parscale has 4-letter word for it.

The latest Fox News poll that doesn’t bode well for President Trump has the left energized and Trump supporters crying foul. Trump has decried the results of […]

Jessica Simpson responds to Amy Schumer having fun with her 100-lb weight loss announcement

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight, even just a few pounds, knows how hard it can be. Jessica Simpson was the recipient of a seemingly light-hearted […]

Stacey Dash cleared of domestic violence charges

  Conservative actress Stacey Dash was cleared of domestic violence charges. The “Clueless” star and former Fox News contributor, was arrested in Florida earlier this week on […]

Celeb-infused ‘impeachment task force’ launches. The jokes write themselves.

A cadre of anti-Trump celebrities are organizing to make sure that the president is impeached — and they mean business. The Democratic Coalition is vowing to hold […]

Fla man mistakenly shoots son-in-law who flew in from Norway, hid in bushes as birthday surprise

A Norwegian man ended up dead when an attempt to surprise his American father-in-law went tragically wrong. Christopher Bergan arrived in Florida from Norway on Tuesday night […]

Biden’s fundraising suffers; 2020 Dems begin to prosper from his imminent demise

It’s been rough campaign road for Joe Biden. As Democrats’ questionable impeachment push against President Trump seems to be swinging back around and implicating the former vice […]

Maxine Waters afraid for her life, accuses Trump of ‘setting some of us up to be killed’

  California Democrat Maxine Waters pulled the ultimate victim card on Thursday by declaring President Trump is setting up a scenario to have her killed. While duly-elected […]

Selective release: Schiff under fire for unfair handling of hearing, ‘doctoring’ texts

Dem Rep. Adam Schiff’s involvement with the so-called whistleblower at the center of the Ukraine controversy becomes more suspect by the day. Criticism of Schiff, who serves […]

Trump puts Dems in hot seat with impeachment-condemning flashback video

As the presidential campaign season ramps up to full-gear, so does the Democrat Party’s attacks against President Trump. Never being one to take an attack lying down, […]