Singer Garth Brooks speaks out after working with fmr president Jimmy Carter

Add country singer Garth Bros to shortlist of famous names adding a dose of much-needed civility into the nation’s vicious political discourse. Bros is urging Americans to […]

Celebs clash with each other over Ellen Degeneres’ right to be friends with George W. Bush

Ellen DeGeneres has caused a debate among leftist celebrities after she was pictured hanging out with former Republican President George W. Bush. DeGeneres attended a Dallas Cowboys […]

Isaiah Washington just lost a friend of 25 years over Trump; she called him N-word and ‘stupid’

“Grey’s Anatomy” actor Isaiah Washington, one of Donald Trump’s few outspen supporters in Hollywood, to to this week to recount an emotional story of losing a […]

Kentucky hotel clerk grabs robber’s gun; he leaves and comes back daring her to use it

There’s something to be said about not panicking under extreme pressure — it could save your life. That’s the possible scenario for one brave, fast-thinking Kentucky hotel […]

Dem House slaps Giuliani associates with subpoenas hours after arrest – not under Trump’s umbrella

Associates of Rudy Giuliani who were arrested oncampaign finance charges were just issued subpoenas by House Democrats. Democratic chairmen of the HouseIntelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight Committees […]

Trump ends UN scam that helped untold number of fake Kenyan refugees resettle in US

The United Nations reportedly helpedan “untold number” of fake refugees from Kenya resettle in the U.S. The fraud apparently went on for years until President Trump was […]

Freedom Caucus takes step to remove Adam Schiff over conflict of interest

House Freedom Caucus members are demanding that Adam Schiff remove himself from the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Republican Reps Mark Meadows, Andrew Biggs, and Louie […]

Braves fans perform ‘chop’ cheer in defiance of ‘crybaby’ pitcher calling tomahawks ‘disrespectful’

Some Atlanta Braves fans were not happy with the injection of political correctness that Cardinals roie Ryan Helsley, a member of the Cheree Nation and grandson of […]

Matt Lauer’s rape accuser calls his scathing denial letter ‘a case study in victim-blaming’

Former “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer sparked a war of words when his letter denying rape allegations prompted a scathing rebuttal from his accuser. The former NBC […]

800k California residents get power cut off to ‘prevent wildfires’ – like a third-world country

California, a left-leaning state that already faces homelessness and financial crises, is under fire from citizens after nearly a million customers had their electricity shut off. “Classes […]

Trump stands up to pressure from PM Boris Johnson to hand over US woman. ‘It was a terrible accident…’

  The United Kingdom has asked Trump to waive the diplomatic immunity for a woman involved in the untimely death of a teen outside the U.S. intelligence […]

McCain warns cackling ‘View’ hosts: ‘Laugh all you want, Trey Gowdy is bad news for Dems …’

Meghan McCain believes Trey Gowdy’s a force to be reckoned with, so laugh at him at your own peril. ‘The View” host Whoopi Goldberg was clearly agitated […]

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