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Warren-AOC tag team: radical plan gives tax-money benefits to illegals, ex-cons

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

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Elizabeth Warren aligned herself with freshmen Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and took another radical stand on immigration.

Warren backed Ocasio-Cortez’s “Just Society” proposal that would allow illegal immigrants and ex-cons to receive welfare benefits at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

Retired ICE agent Victor Avila joined Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends First to discuss the plan. The segment also covered actions being taken by the Trump administration that seeks to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Avila praised the current administration’s idea to privatize migrant child detention.

“I think that’s a pretty good move,” Avila said. He also vehemently backed the idea of taking DNA samples from migrants in order to apprehend repeat criminal aliens and child traffickers.

After touting the monumental efforts of ICE and border agents to keep America safe, Avila addressed Warren’s support of giving all illegal immigrants welfare benefits – without a plan to stem the tide of illegal entry into the U.S.

Warren endorsed AOC’s “Just Society” just as migrant numbers were finally beginning to drop. Avila fears the false promise of “free” benefits will create another migrant rush if word spreads in Central and South America.

Avila teased that he might know the real reason why Democrats “insist on putting illegal aliens first, above Americans” before slamming the proposal.

“This is crazy,” he began. “We need to stop the magnet and those incentives of having illegal aliens rush the border.”

Video via Fox News Channel.

The Fox & Friends First hosts outlined AOC’s plan endorsed by Warren. It includes:

  • National rent control and legal funds for evicted tenants
  • Federal public benefits for illegal immigrants
  • Federal public benefits for convicted felons
  • Create a “worker-friendly score” for federal contracts

“If I’m a Central American and I hear that, I’m going to come,” he said.

If migrants hear they will be detained at the border and possibly prosecuted, they will be far less likely to make the dangerous trek, Avila explained.

Avila also noted the high cost of the Democrat proposal adding the caveat, “let’s not forget” the “billions of dollars that’s repatriated” back to migrant’s home countries in Mexico and South America.

Warren has been busy promoting her stance on social media, seemingly believing that pandering to the far-left is the winning strategy.

Warren is reportedly the first candidate to endorse the plan.

The backing of Ocasio-Cortez’s “Just Society” is not Warren’s first radical immigration proposal. Last week the top Dem presidential hopeful, suggested that the U.S. open the floodgates for migrants.

“We need a pathway to citizenship for the people who are here and here to stay,” she said essentially pushing amnesty.

It would seem her latest endorsement is setting the stage for another migrant wave if radical Dems have their way.


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