AOC in trouble with PETA after proudly posting pics of her new purebred pup

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was called out by an animal rights organization for failing to set a proper “example” to her millions of social media followers. People for the […]

Ilhan Omar in tight spot when she can’t seem to get story straight on sanctions against Israel vs Iran

Rep. Ilhan Omar defended her double standard in supporting sanctions against Israel but condemned any against Iran. The Minnesota Democrat was challenged Thursday after she proclaimed that President […]

Boy George battles avalanche of ‘millennials’ incensed he won’t conform to ‘ridiculous’ pronoun rules

Boy George, frontman for Culture Club, and pioneering queen of attention-seeking, took to Twitter this week to proclaim, “Leave your pronoun’s at the door!” A move that got […]

‘Never apologize to the mob’: Rep Collins’ apology for calling Dems terrorist lovers not well received

Rep. Doug Collins tried to put out the fire he ignited on the left after accusing Democrats of being “in love with terrorists.” The Georgia Republican apologized Friday […]

‘Dark psychic forces win again’: Marianne Williamson campaign comes to an end, and makes for Twitter gold

Long shot Democratic presidential candidate and spiritual advisor Marianne Williamson, announced Friday that she was suspending her campaign. “I ran for president to help forge another direction […]

Climate experts suggest Trump was right all along when he blamed Cali’s wildfires on poor land management

Chris White, DCNF Climate experts are apparently backing President Donald Trump’s repeated arguments that California’s wildfires were a result of poor land management rather than climate change-driven, […]

Pelosi caves, sends letter to Dems on ‘next steps’ for impeachment, will ‘transmit articles’ to Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated that the standoff is over and she will be transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week. After a delay […]

Ohio voter bashes Trump economy while admitting it’s benefiting him–and Dow hits record high

The left is so set on criticizing President Donald Trump that they fault the president when Iran shoots a passenger jet out of the sky, killing 176 […]

Ex-security guard arrested in Fla. for death threat to Trump, wants revenge for killing of ‘his leader’ Soleimani

Authorities in Broward County arrested a 26-year-old Florida man last Saturday after he allegedly threatened to kill President Donald Trump for the death of top Iranian general […]

Anti-Trump Republicans deride evangelical supporters with ‘MAGA church’ ad, vow ‘just getting started’

An anti-Trump group of Republicans is targeting evangelical Christians in an advertisement mocking them for their support of the president. The Lincoln Project, a new group which includes George […]

Fellow Dems grow frustrated with ‘deadbeat’ AOC for withholding and selective use of cash stockpile

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has been a fundraising juggernaut ever since the Democratic socialist exploded on the political scene as “the future” of the Democrat Party. But […]

‘Whistleblower’ calls out John Kerry, says he ‘knows for fact’ Obama admin sent multiple letters directly to Soleimani

Middle East expert Michael Doran slammed former Secretary of State John Kerry in a series of tweets exposing the Obama administration’s dealings with Iran. “I must become a […]

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