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Colo GOP rep makes waves when he challenges Biden and Beto to start gun confiscation with AR-15 in his office

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Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck took to Twitter Thursday, to challenge former Vice President Joe Biden and Beto O’ Rourke to swing by his office in Washington D.C. and take his AR-15 hanging on his wall.

“I have just one message for Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke, if you want to take everyone’s AR-15’s, why don’t you swing by my office in Washington D.C. and start with mine.”

O’Rourke crawled out of the woodwork last week to throw his support Biden’s way and in return, Biden vowed to put Beto in charge of gun reform in the U.S. if he were to become president.

“You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort.” Biden pledged to O’Rourke.

Beto made an outrageous comment during his brief presidential run claiming, “hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15’s,” and said in October his gun reform would include sending police door to door to confiscate guns.

This drew the video challenge from Buck telling them to come and start with his.

Naturally, the unhinged left didn’t take his challenge too kindly:

While his message triggered the left, gun enthusiasts were more interested in the gun itself:


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