ICE chief gives mind-boggling stats: Will take 140 yrs to clear ‘backlog’ of illegal immigrants after border surge

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed a list of statistics that showed the staggering effect of the surge on America’s borders. The acting director of ICE made the […]

Train passenger wearing medical mask arrested after he’s caught on video wiping spit on handrail

A passenger on a train in Belgium has been arrested following a disturbing act that was caught on a now-viral video. The unidentified man was seen in […]

Kamala helps Biden ‘plead’ for votes in cringe campaign video that only the Trump team seems to love

In a desperate attempt to get her base to support her new best friend, Kamala Harris made a video with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and […]

Biden seizes on coronavirus crises to slam Trump, makes ‘presidential’ speech, releases ‘plan’

The day after President Trump addressed the nation about swift action being taken to combat the coronavirus, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to try and hijack […]

McConnell takes wind out of Pelosi’s sails after she defiantly declares, ‘I’m not sticking around’ DC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to politicize the coronavirus crisis with another theatrical performance at her weekly press conference. The California Democrat vowed that she was “not […]

Leftists celebrate when recent photo shows Trump with Brazilian aide just diagnosed with coronavirus

Based on whom he met with just days ago, President Donald Trump may very well be the next notable American to be diagnosed with coronavirus. Over the […]

Limbaugh warns ‘red flags’ over media’s coronavirus coverage, says left distinctly ‘gleeful’ over pandemic

To hear conservative talk show goliath Rush Limbaugh tell it, coronavirus is the answer to Democrats’ anti-Trump prayers. He blasted “gleeful” media coverage that has breathlessly reported […]

Ben Rhodes slapped with reality check when he longs for Obama leadership under coronavirus outbreak

Repeatedly disgraced former Obama administration national security adviser Ben Rhodes stepped in it mightily Wednesday by daring to suggest without evidence that the coronavirus outbreak would have […]

Lou Dobbs’ ‘blood boils’ at secret ‘Soviet-style’ way GOP joined Dems to pass FISA Court renewal

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs slammed Republicans who joined House Democrats to reauthorize the FISA Court, saying it made his “blood boil.” Dobbs vented about the 278-136 vote […]

Underneath media melee: Get the facts on COVID-19 from West Palm Beach infections disease MD

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that originated in December 2019 in Wuhan Province, China. ‘CO’ stands […]

Hot debate sparks over NBA player for mocking coronavirus panic days before diagnosis

Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert is under fire for mocking the coronavirus panic just days before being tested positive himself as the NBA officially suspended the rest […]

Sarah Palin stuns when it’s revealed she’s dancing bear on reality show, then raps her heart out to Sir Mix-a-Lot

Baby got back … into the spotlight! On Wednesday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suddenly reappeared back in the spotlight via an unexpected appearance on “The Masked […]