BPR is hiring: Part-time Proofreader, Content Curator

CONTENT PROOFER/CURATOR – BizPacReview.com, an online publishing company offering conservative news and commentary, is seeking a daily proofreader to review digital posts for publishing. You will also […]

Chinese biologist carrying suspected SARS and MERS samples attempted to enter US aprox. 1 yr ago

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials prevented a Chinese national from sneaking undeclared biological materials into the United States in late 2018, roughly one […]

Woman who blamed Trump for drinking fish tank cleaner is a ‘prolific’ Dem donor who backed Hillary

The Arizona woman who, along with her husband, ingested a toxic chemical used to clean fish tanks in a bid to prevent the coronavirus, resulting in the man’s […]

Conservatives’ compassionate response to Chris Cuomo’s coronavirus diagnoses says everything

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo announced Tuesday that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently quarantined in his home’s basement. In a statement on his Twitter […]

Border Patrol reportedly turning back illegal immigrants at record-speed amid coronavirus crackdown

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Bolstered by emergency measures brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Border Patrol agents at the U.S.-Mexico border are able to return illegal crossers at […]

Amazon debacle heats up as NY AG calls for probe into firing of protest organizer, reportedly exposed to COVID-19

Who needs a labor union when you have New York Attorney General Letitia James doing your bidding? The state’s top prosecutor, a radical left, Trump-hating Democrat, called on […]

Federal judge accuses AG Barr of ‘lack of candor’, orders review of full Mueller report

Chuck Ross, DCNF A federal judge on Thursday accused Attorney General William Barr of displaying a “lack of candor” regarding his public statements about the special counsel’s […]

‘What are YOU doing?’ Media pundits put in their places for ugly sniping at generous MyPillow CEO

The liberal media showed their true, partisan colors again in a shameful attack on MyPillow’s Mike Lindell for joining President Trump at a White House press briefing. The MyPillow […]

‘Total buffoon’: Dem Rep slammed for doing about-face on resolution he co-sponsored to condemn China

Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton was slammed after he announced he was withdrawing his support of a House resolution condemning China for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The […]

17 relatives reportedly get COVID-19 after funeral, warn public to honor social distancing measures

There are plenty of people who are downplaying the whole social distancing aspect of the coronavirus response, but a British family’s recent experience may serve as a […]

man arrested hoarding face masks coughing fbi
Brooklyn man arrested for hoarding huge stockpile of face masks, coughing on FBI agents after claiming COVID-19

A Brooklyn man named Baruch Feldheim was arrested for hoarding huge stockpiles of face masks and other medical supplies and for coughing on FBI agents after claiming […]

Dem Senator links Trump’s handling of coronavirus to impeachment: ‘Feels like Ukraine all over again’

President Donald Trump suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was stuck in impeachment mode when he was asked to respond to her over-the-top rhetoric that “people are […]

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