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‘Total buffoon’: Dem Rep slammed for doing about-face on resolution he co-sponsored to condemn China

(Image: MSNBC screenshot)

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Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton was slammed after he announced he was withdrawing his support of a House resolution condemning China for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Massachusetts lawmaker’s about-face was not due to the substance of the resolution that he had co-sponsored with Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks, but because of President Donald Trump’s allegedly divisive language.

(Source: Fox News)

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called Moulton out on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, speaking with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz about lawmakers being afraid to speak out against China.

Carlson contended that Moulton withdrew his support for the resolution condemning China’s communist government “because it would encourage the racist ideas that China’s dictatorship is worse than the Trump administration.”

“The resolution has caused division,” Moulton told MSNBC, claiming the substance of the resolution was “overshadowed by President Trump’s divisive xenophobic attempts to deflect from his administration’s abysmal response to this virus.”

In a tweet last week the Democrat, who was attacked by liberals for backing the resolution, said that H.Res.907 was “used to create division, as the president’s xenophobia stokes racism across the country.”

The three-term congressman, who was momentarily a 2020 candidate joining the Democratic race for president,  supported the resolution because he criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to blame the U.S. military for the pandemic and for the government’s initial handling of the outbreak by playing down its seriousness.

In a statement, Moulton said he believed it was “important to highlight the playbook that authoritarian governments like China use, so that we can also call out President Trump for using many of the same tactics here at home.”

“That guy is a total buffoon,” Carlson said on his Fox News show Monday after playing a clip of Moulton’s remarks on MSNBC.

“It almost feels like he is speaking from a different century talking about xenophobia and racism like those are the problems with China. What planet is this guy on?” he asked as he introduced Gaetz.

“Today’s Democrats have become the pro-China party,” the Florida congressman said, accusing Democrats of ” cozying up to China.”

“I would suggest that China doesn’t need an apology from Seth Moulton or access to bailouts through the economic relief package which, by the way, many Chinese-controlled companies are going to be able to get. And they certainly don’t need another bite at the supply chain,” Gaetz added, saying “China needs a reckoning, not an apology.”

Moulton was the only Democrat supporting the resolution, and had originally said that “Congress should hold China accountable for its part in this pandemic.”

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