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Tucker blasts federal government for telling us masks don’t work; ‘dumb lies’ that breech our trust

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Tucker Carlson slammed the federal government over its “honesty” about the supply of N95 medical masks in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Fox News host called out federal officials during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday for downplaying the need for healthy Americans to use the masks at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak while the real problem was that there was a shortage of supplies.

(Source: Fox News)

“In any crisis, trust is critical…the government can’t coordinate a national response if the public doesn’t believe what it says and doesn’t believe the government is looking out for its best interest,” Carlson said in his monologue.

“That’s why honesty is essential at times like this. When the government lies, people know,” he added.

“From the beginning of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, mask shortages have been a major problem. Some people hoarded hundreds of thousands of them and manufacturers couldn’t keep up,” the Fox News host said.

Carlson cited examples to back his argument, saying the government told “dumb lies” rather than be up front and honest, explaining the shortage of masks and the need to make sure health care workers and those at risk had priority in getting them.

He pointed out a tweet from Surgeon General Jerome Adams last month telling people to stop buying masks because they’re “NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching” the coronavirus.

Carlson went on to read a CNN report on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that echoed the remarks by Adams.

“The CDC says that healthy people in the U.S. should not wear them because they won’t protect them from the novel coronavirus. In fact, facemasks might actually increase your risk for infection if they aren’t worn properly, but medical workers who treat patients … do need them,” he read.

Carlson then pointed to a story in Time magazine this month with a headline declaring: “Health experts are telling healthy people not to wear face masks for coronavirus. So why are so many doing it?”

“The article suggested believing in masks [is] some kind of superstition like not walking under ladders or being afraid of black cats,” he said. “It’s insulting. It’s ridiculous.”

President Trump, whose administration contends that masks currently aren’t necessary for most people, indicated that his officials may “take a look” at the recommendation made by his former Food and Drug Administration head, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, about Americans wearing the masks in public to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“I saw his suggestion on that. We will take a look at it,” Trump said during his daily news briefing at the White House Monday, adding that if the decision is made to recommend it, it would be for “a period of time.”

“We want our country back,” he said from the Rose Garden. “We are not going to be wearing masks forever, but it could be for a short period of time after we get back into gear. I could see something like that happening for a period of time.”

“I would hope it would be a very limited period of time,” he added.

During his Fox News show Monday, Carlson questioned the contention that the masks are not effective in protecting average Americans and only work for those in health care.

“They’re telling you masks don’t work unless you work at a hospital? How does that work? Does mask effectiveness change based on what job you do? They’re only useful if you’re already sick? What?”  he asked.

“Of course masks work. Everyone knows that. Dozens of research papers have proved it,” Carlson asserted.

“So look, we understand there’s a shortage of masks,” he concluded. “We understand only certain people should get them because it’s a triage moment, we get it. But stop lying to us because it makes us cynical, it divides the country. Tell the truth, We can handle it.”

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