Van Jones eats crow about Biden: ‘Loyalty matters’ – Obama missed that memo

According to left-wing CNN political commentator Van Jones, former Vice President Joe Biden’s weighty victory in South Carolina has both vindicated him and also proven that loyalty […]

Flashback: Obama waited until millions of Americans were infected with swine flu, 1000 died, before acting

Democrats and their left-wing media minions have wasted no time politicizing the coronavirus outbreak to attack President Trump. Unfortunately for them, the swine flu smacked them in […]

Biden celebrates big win in SC by slamming socialist rival, but signs of life don’t equal momentum

With an impressive win Saturday in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden was feeling as cocky as Corn Pop the gang leader, and he used the […]

Tom Steyer drops out of 2020 race, leaves us indelible memory of busting moves to ‘Back That Azz Up’

Billionaire Democrat loser Tom Steyer exited the clown car Saturday after getting thoroughly trounced once again by progressive voters–this time in South Carolina where he had hoped […]

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