‘Bravo, President Trump!’ Cali businesswoman forced to close shop welcomes fed intervention with open arms

A California business owner slammed Gov. Gavin Newsom for spending his time “trolling” President Trump who is actually warning he will intervene to combat the homeless crisis […]

NYC woman charged with hate crime attack against Jews released without bail, attacks again next day

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is eager to blame President Trump for a spate of attacks on Jews in the city, which flies in […]

Ana Navarro warns Biden had better get his story straight on Hunter and stop being so ‘defensive’

CNN commentator Ana Navarro offered Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden some advice on the campaign trail. The political analyst called out the former vice president for his […]

Trump ties Obama as ‘Most Admired Man’ in Gallup’s annual poll: ‘Dems and beltway media hardest hit’

President Donald Trump and former President Barrack Obama tied as the most admired man in America for 2019, in a new poll released by Gallup on Monday. […]

Buttigieg seeks to decriminalize possession of ALL drugs and do away with incarceration

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., a town of just over 100,000 residents, wants to decriminalize all drugs in America if elected […]

Texas AG drops truth bomb on gun laws and ‘heroes’ during CNN segment following church shooting

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton slammed the left’s gun control agenda and defended the good guys with guns argument following the church shooting near Fort Worth. And the notable […]

Former ICE chief predicts dire consequences with ‘out-of-control’ border if Dems take 2020

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Tom Homan, the former acting secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), predicted dire consequences for the U.S.-Mexico border if Democrats take back the White […]

CBS’s Major Garrett: Trump agenda building a ‘legacy’ with minorities any president would want to claim

CBS News’ Major Garrett offered praise of President Donald Trump’s efforts to help minority communities, calling the successful policies a “legacy” for the president and his administration. The […]

Buttigieg slams Biden over Iraq War vote: ‘Worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime’

Mayor Pete Buttigieg slammed former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday over then Sen. Biden’s vote in favor of the Iraq War. In an interview on Iowa Public Television, the […]

Campaign chaos when Bernie staffers reportedly fume over large Amazon purchases

Sen. Bernie Sanders is reportedly experiencing some “impassioned dissent” among his campaign staff over the use of Amazon to purchase office supplies. The Vermont senator and 2020 […]

Open carry in NY? Group of Orthodox Jews reportedly spotted with rifles on streets of Rockland County

Violent anti-Semitism in New York is at crisis-level, with attacks clearly on the rise. According to pictures that surfaced on social media, some Jews are understandably taking […]

Trump reportedly eyeing GOP House members to join impeachment defense in Senate trial

President Donald Trump‘s impeachment trial awaits the decision by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to set aside political gamesmanship and send two articles of impeachment against President Trump […]